Running from the Devil
© 2018 Anthony D Darden

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Everyone believes justice will come to those who do wrong. Indeed, that would seem the law of Karma. But in a cruel, cruel world, where justice comes, most times, untimed, and too late, justice only find tears and heartache. Even in the labor of love, an act of kindness, or sincerity, justice can fall short of grace, too little, too late.  Believing the will of good, will outdo the will of evil, is often a farfetched fantasy drilled into modern society to keep law and order.
Truth be told, good doesn’t always win. At least not in the beginning. It is harder to get to the truth, because a lie has so many angles. It can be fetched at a moment notice and twisted into a believable vision. The art of deceit is not a hard feast. It just takes one moment of deception. Whereas, the truth, is a real vital fact that cannot be manufactured. It can be buried, hidden, and misrepresented. But it cannot be extinguished.
People who mislead the truth are always on the run. As the saying goes, you tell one lie, you are going to have to tell another lie to keep up the appearances of that lie. It’s a never-ending struggle that finds no rest or salvation. It is sad, because most people who find themselves trapped in lies, find no comfort in their self-consumed prison.
A lie, is insecure. A lie, on a professional level, is envious, jealous, controlling, self-indulging, and deceitful.  A lie, is dishonest, evasive, and lack any kind of communication skills. A lie, will lie, and always talk about you, even when you are long gone. A lie, will bow out deceitfully, and will continue to discharge bad blood long after the disagreement or misfortune has been resolved. A lie, will always hold its post without any accountability, remorse, regret, or regard. A lie, will always blame their actions on someone else. A lie, will believe its own illusions, even in the face of truth, and will stand tall, until it has nowhere to run and hide. And the sad thing, even then, the truth will not matter to a lie.
The only way to beat a lie is to let it beat itself. The fact about a lie, and it’s many faces, is, it can’t make a crucial mistake. One crucial mistake, and like a house of dominoes, it all comes crashing down. A lie can only run. Doesn’t matter how long it can run, eventually, it will crash and burn. Sometimes it seems a lie will never be caught. Sometimes it even takes years. Though, regardless, it will run out of steam, and or hit a brick wall. A lie can’t survive without deceit or dysfunction. It feeds off the good nature of trust. It hides in the shadows and often wears a beautiful mask. A mask that is seductive, alluring, and believable. A mask that will say and do anything to hide the true nature of its deceit.
A lie will abandon love, because it feels no love. It can go through all the propositions, and provide all the intentions. But the warning signs are clear. In the moment of need, a lie, will not stand for you, and will stand against you. It will forsake you, blame any, and all failure on you, and leave you to die alone. There is no remorse in a lie. There is no empathy in a lie. There is no salvation or hope in a lie.
The necessity of a lie, is often used to avoid hurt and pain. The necessity of a lie to harbor the goodwill, soul, and nature of another human being, is the essence of human compassion. It is in our nature to protect our loved ones at any, and all cost. It is in our nature to fight for them, stand by them, and if needed, go down in flames with them. Everyone, at one point, has told a lie in their life. But to the point of narcissistic, is a breed of liar who holds no substance or value to reality.
Narcissists lack a core self.  Their identity, thinking, and behavior are focused on stabilizing and validating their self-esteem, self-worth, and fragile, fragmented self. They do not share love, because they are not emotionally fit to share. They do not give love, because they are not emotionally fit. They cannot give empathy, because they feel no remorse. They are empty and lonely inside. They are to look at, admire, but be forewarned of the signs. They are cruel and deadly, and take advantage of the trusting and gullible.  
Love wants to believe it can conquer everything. Trust in our heart, believe in our self, and Gods will, handle the rest. Though, in the need of justice, Gods will, is to help and stand for ourselves. When the tears come, we must learn to stand back up and be strong. When the hurt and pain is vast and unforgiving, we must suffer through to define what is great in us, what is real, and most important, what is of us and will be.
As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. We must accept the facts for what they are. We must believe wholeheartedly in the gift of our love and what we have to offer, horn it, and let nothing take that away.  Life is full of trials and tribulations. It is the one constant in life we cannot avoid.
If we allow lies to evade our nature, get into our heart, and twist our mind, we are not only forsaking our true self, but we are allowing them to incapacitate us. We are allowing deceit to seep into our heart and vanquish our soul.  If a lie is not in preservation, or security of compassion, it is bent on destruction. A totality of lies will crush and destroy any human being where the heart is unarmed, and forgiveness is rendered beyond reason.  A good liar will not only seduce you into giving up your life, but also, into surrendering your soul to the devil.         


© 2018 Anthony D Darden - Author of The White Man’s House

If you knew that someone was watching you without your knowledge, what would you do? How would you feel? Your every move. Your every thought. Your deep dark secrets exposed and at the whim of unknown prying eyes. Nothing is safe. Nothing is secure.  Someone is watching, always following, always recording. Yet, you have not a clue.
It is a scary thought. It is invasive, intrusive, and very terrifying.  By now, the alarms should be going off in your head. And if your thoughts have not been provoked, then you are not conscious or aware of your surroundings or your environment.
“I don’t want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.” Those are the words of Edward Snowden.
The most disturbing thing in the world is an aimless or feeble mind. When facts are presented to you and you still do not take heed, you are either not conscious or in denial.
Privacy seems to be a thing of the past.  No matter where you go, what you say, or how you think, someone or something is always watching. From the moment you get up, to the moment you lay back down, your whole day is recorded.
The sad thing, most people are not aware. The tags of tracking, are endless throughout the day. The first thing people do in the morning is, reach for their phone. Plug themselves right into the machine like a good little GPS slave. Let the tracking begin.
Information is the new currency. You want a deal, something free, or to save money, just relinquish your email address, with a little personal info to get you signed up, and watch the solicitation doors open to invasion.
You ever wonder why you get so much junk mail, why you get strange calls or mail at your home asking for donations, offering pre-approved credit, or bargains that seem too good to be true. Somewhere along the day, you punched your email into a program, a game, a free promo, or a 10% savings. Somewhere along the line, you were solicited into giving up your private info to get you on a mailing list, which, in turn, sold to the highest bidder. You got the complimentary cup of coffee.  They got in your pants. Surely, you’ve heard, nothing in life is free.
Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”  I guess if you have never lived in an era of privacy, when there was no internet, smartphones to plug you in, landlines could not be put in your pocket, cars weren’t linked to satellites, and no one could find you unless you reported in, then you really don’t understand just how precious a gift to be left alone really is.
Today, it is almost impossible to be left alone. Everywhere you go, you are tracked. Your credit cards. Your car.  Anywhere you go, anything you do, anything you say, is recorded. It doesn’t have to be in words. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.  Any intelligent person with just a little tech savvy can figure you out, just from one peek at your smartphone. They can tell you what time you got up, where you went throughout the day, how much money you spent. How much money you have. What you ate. Where you work. Who you are sleeping with. All the way up, until the last time you wipe your butt. 

Privacy gone is just one click away. It is a very scary thing. It gives predators access to our lives and homes. Someone on the other end is sitting back and watching. They have your name. They have your social security number. They have your number. They have your address. They know what kind of car you drive. They know where you work, how much money you make, and who you are sleeping with. They have remote access to turn on cameras and recorders. To hear and see your most private moments. The flee on the wall. It sees and hears everything. Even a tell-tale heart.     

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