No cause for mercy

Everyone has a pattern of behavior. It is like a trail of breadcrumbs. And if you are in a relationship, you will come to know them. That is, if you take the time to know the person you are in a relationship with. Predictability is evident and common. What may seem, is not always true or what one come to believe. There are always two sides to every coin. Unless you can see both sides, it becomes just a toss up. You are taking a chances. And in this world, we can leave nothing to chance, especially when it comes to love or life. Chance is a probability we cannot afford to take a chance on. It is especially true in love. Where anger sometimes tow the line, we have to think of the big picture, what is real and true, and what has been proven of fact and not fantasy. If it is true love, it is built on honesty, trust, and devotion. It is built on the back of family and friends. It is not built on what one thinks or assumes. It is built on pure and honest facts that are built from the ground up. If family or friends are to take sides, it is for the just of the relationship, regardless of which side that family comes from. It is not for the destruction, but the salvation of respect and love for the person. The only thing that can destroy true love is deceit and deception. Deceit and deception comes in many forms. But its basic form is a lie that takes on reality and snowballs into injustice. And those who choose to accept such injustice without the guidance of real honest facts, are acting with prejudice misconception. Deception cannot operate without deceit. In the long run, it will come to bear. And when it does, the full weight of self-deception and self-deceit will bear no cause for mercy. 


Who are you fooling even when you seem to have the upper hand. It is pretense. And most often, it ends in tragedy. Because, eventually, exposure is evident. It my not be now. It may take months, and even, sometimes years. But eventually, deception and deceit must pay its dues to the devil. The nature of one's soul is defined by the greatness of their heart. It is the light. It is the motivator. It is the generator of our kindness and good deeds that inspire praise and glory and the blessings of our good fortune. One cannot stand of goodness and rise to greatness in the shadows. It is impossible to be and function as two entities. Just as a wolf cannot hide in sheep's clothing without eventually revealing its true nature. Deception and deceit is a tricky path. Conjecture is often the lead, and must always be followed up and covered with more conjecture. One lie must always compound another, until eventually, the cage of self-deception and self-deceit forms into acts of desperation that lead to self-destruction. 


 We all like to believe we have that someone special in our life, unbreakable. And over time, even if it goes wrong, we have enough dignity and pride to respect, love, and care for that person because they have been a special part of our intimate life. We still want to see the best for them. We still want to see them prosper and grow. We still carry love and high hopes even though we can no longer be. We would hope all would feel like this. Keep your head up, and stand with the utmost dignity and pride. But sometimes it doesn't work like that. No matter what you do, no matter how strong and tall you stand, it still doesn't resonate with some. They still want to hurt you and only see things from a state of anger and resentment. Some will even go as far as trying to discredit you and even destroy you. Which is sad, because it only reflects their value and overall worth. Breakups happen in life. People tend to disagree. It is a natural part of life. Love, live, and learn. Because if you spend your time reliving and hating the past, it will be impossible to move on or even have a viable relationship. No one wants to hear about you hating on your ex. It spells out doom. People of clear conscious, that know they have given their best, have the fortitude and decency to move on without any doubt or regret. They know what they have given, and what they have to lose and gain. They do not sit around or wallow in self pity. They are fearsome and strong. They are fortified with dignity and pride. They do not have to look back, because the future is always ahead and clear. It is pertinent to one's stability and strength. It helps you understand and draw meaning and purpose. It is the guiding light to your soul and one of the main keys to your happiness. Never make the mistake of believing your happiness comes through another. Your happiness resonates through your hopes and dreams, who you are and what you want to be. We can only hope and share our love and happiness. And hope that we are lucky enough in life to find someone to share our hopes and dreams with us, unconditionally. 

The Well of Life

The end is not always the beginning of failure, unless you have failed in the beginning. Dreams are built and not a given. Success is measured by achievements. And the people you have and bring into your life, can either be friend or foe. Life is a peculiar thing. It is not a given. It is what we make of it. The characters that we are and build throughout life resonates from our soul. That one spark is the beginning or end. What you are and who you will become is decided by one thing. The choices you make. The choices you make not only defines you, they also define your relationships that not only can stand the test of time, but is also the well you drink and draw from when life has got you down. 

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