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Success is investing in self. Only then can you aspire to greatness.

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Father’s Day is over, Atlantic Starr - Always (official music video)

Father’s Day is over. I hope for those who shared the love, aspire to understand family is everything. Even those that may not have been present, my heart goes out to you. For some, Father’s Day is a big downer. Especially to those single mom’s that carry the world on your shoulders. There has been a lot of hating posted. Some deserving. Some not. Regardless of how you feel about ex, there is still the need of the child. Plus, there is still the need of your mending heart. Sometimes it takes a long time to get over someone you have given 100%. The betrayal can shake you to the core. But there is one thing that will always hold true. The depth and belief of your heart. To find love, we must surrender to love. We must let go of the past to step into the future. If you hold on to the pain, it will become transferable. You’ll most likely try to eliminate the pain by running prematurely into the arms of another. Which, most often, backfires. Your heart can’t be in two places at one time. And if this is the case, what is hid in the dark, always come to light. You will falter, and continue to falter, as long as you carry that nag around that you can’t seem to let go. Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it is real and right. It is the gift of your heart, and what you have to offer. Don’t let anger and resentment tarnish it. Don’t embroil yourself in something that is beyond your control. 100% of your heart, is 100%, no matter how many ways you slice the pie. Hold true to your nature and feelings. Hold true to what you believe in your heart, and let no one take it away. Maintain your power and control. Shine like the beacon you are, standing on the shore of the storm. Someone will see the light, and come running with open arms to respect and treat you like the queen you are. Always.



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65% of students report bullying. This does not include adults, who are skeptical about reporting because of the impact in may have on their life. Bullying is commonly associated with kids and teens. Bullying contributes to feeling socially unwanted, isolated, worthless, and depressed. Although the number is high, in the consistent 65% range, some children do not come forward. They are too embarrassed and dread being labeled a snitch. If not put in check, bullying can affect into adulthood, and cause anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, and desolation. The affects can be tragic and heartbreaking. The suicide range is about 4,500 deaths per year, and climbing. This does not include the suicide attempts.

Bullying has become an epidemic. Not only affecting children and teens, but is touching the lives of adults more and more each year. The numbers are staggering and growing. It contributes to 30% of high school dropouts, and 20% of college dropouts. 50% of drug addiction. And drops one into a deep dark state of depressive loneliness.

Signs of bullying are aggressive behavior, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Cyberbullying is leading the way amongst teens. It is important today to keep track of your child’s internet access, especially if his or her mood changes or they start to withdraw emotionally. Watch your child, look for the signs, and stay vigilant. Even in friends and family members. Even in yourself, when you believe it is nothing serious and just a jest. For some it is easier to play around in the in-crowd, where you can find relief, comfort, and security, at someone else’s expense. Although you may not be the initiator, laughing with the crowd, goating, and turning a deaf ear, hurts and hinders.

If you want to be Someone in the in-crowd, be a hero. Be Someone. Be a supporter against bullying. Be a proud and true friend. Be a proud vigilant parent. Be the best brother and the greatest sister. Be yourself and inspire. Inspire in a world that needs inspiration and comfort, that needs hope and grace. A world that needs Someone to look up to. A Real Hero. Someone that is not afraid to stand up to a growing epidemic. Someone that is not afraid to raise their hand, for the defenseless, and say, STOP THE BULLYING

HEROES © Anthony D Darden (For all who serve)

For all who serve: 

Happy Memorial Day

 © Anthony D Darden 

To the heroes who walks away, when their love goes astray
Who stands for morality, richness for you & me
To the heroes who stands alone, against a cold world made of stone
Who conquered the mountaintop, to show we are strong
To the heroes who seize the day, when all hope is dead & gone
They are the cornerstones, the foundation of our home

To the heroes that sacrifice, precious heart of gold
Who persevere & come up strong, I dedicate this song
I bow my head to you, cause your respect is due

To the heroes that really care, who fight plague & human despair
Who’s the beacon of the light, angels dressed in white
To the heroes in camouflage, & the boys dressed in blue
Who holds liberty assure, when there’s danger knockin’ at our door
To the heroes that fight the flame, & the mothers who suffer the pain
We owe so much to you, cause your devotion is true

To the heroes that sacrifice, precious heart of gold
Who persevere & come up strong, I dedicate this song
I bow my head to you, cause your respect is due

Humility © 2017 Anthony D Darden

© 2017 Anthony D Darden

Is sure to come, as long, as you believe in love.

Tragedy in life brings heartache and pain. It brings suffering and can take us to a low point in our life. It can literally destroy us if we are not able to comprehend, take hold, and find reconciliation. For some, it is much harder than others, especially in a relationship that has defined them, and have been the epitome of their life.  It takes so much out of you. Depending on the depth, some never make it back. They can’t seem to cope, and more often than not, end up taking their own life. Lost can be devastating. Especially if you do not see it coming. It is hard to comprehend something you cannot fathom. When faced with it, it can be staggering, surreal, and unbelievable. To the point of denial. No one wants to believe something that was so vital, magical, and breathtaking, has turned and gone so bad. It’s a hard pill to swallow, especially if years of prosperity has shown otherwise.

To believe it is going to last forever, and then suddenly be ambushed, can crumble the tallest mountain. It can break the strongest and destroy the weak. It is the kind of love people are willing to live and die for. It is heart wrenching and sad when lost so devastating finds no humility when finding the necessity to part. It is sad when the time spend together doesn’t render kindness and compassion. It is sad to know people can be so cruel and heartless to each other, and lose themselves in anger, hatred, and sorted revenge. Granted, some relationships need refinement. If a relationship is one sided, it needs change. If a relationship is abusive, it needs change. If a relationship is deceptive, it needs change. If communication and devotion has gone to the wayside, it needs change. It is those who have given their life, have been honest and true, and believe with their heart and soul, who find the trenches deep, mind-blowing, and hard to come back from. Because not only did they not see it coming, but also, it shakes one’s belief to the core. Although it is over, their mind and heart keeps telling them no. Their emotions are not equipped to handle the disbelief. And if what you are and have become, in the relationship, is disconnected, it is easy to spiral out of control and lose your mind and belief in love.  

If love is your true nature, even in pain and heartache, the beacon will always shine and lead you through the storm, no matter how shaky and unstable the sea may be. A true nature is defined with life, and the depth of your character. Even in tragedy, love stands of all. If you give your heart and soul to anything, and believe with your soul the vitality and purity of its strength and glory, it will remain an innate foundation of your character. No matter the pain, no matter the heartache, if you find tragedy, inflicted by another, the strength and belief of your character will remain intact, even though the pain is overwhelming and blinding.

If you know within your heart that you have been a good person, have been honest and true, and given your heart and soul to someone you believed was true to you, it is not your weight to carry, even though you will feel the pain and may carry the disappointment for the rest of your life. As it goes, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. And in all fairness, God may have just been looking out for you. Because if someone is that deceitful and heartless, without any remorse or conscious validation, especially if you’ve been devoted, honest, and true, it is more of a blessing than a tragedy.

Normal reasonable and honest people in relationships know the strength and depth of their relationship. They have enough sensibility to know when things are going good or bad. They have enough respect and courtesy, not only for the strength, well-being, and depth of their character, but for your well-being also. Good people don’t hurt other people intentionally. They are more tactful, compassionate, and have enough consideration to bring things to the forefront, to talk, find an understanding, before deciding to part. In some cases, couples make better friends than lovers. Sometimes things just do not work out. It’s the nature of love. Either or, respect, honesty, and the true nature of intentions should always be the deciding foundation, and be a joint decision if one is to part or stay together. Because it is not only about love. It is about integrity, respect, and love for one’s self, and one’s fellow human being. It’s about one’s depth, strength, and character of their being.  It’s about being a decent and honest human being. A human being that is irreproachable, compassionate, kind, loving, caring, and passionate about life. A human being that shines with zest, have a spark in their eyes, and is magnetic to the world. A human being that inspires the best not only in self, but in those they love and admire. A human being that is honest and true to the core, and is a blessing to anyone that is deserving. 

In tragedy, we must find the strength and depth of our heart. We must know it. We must understand it. If there is any hope of finding our way back into the arms of love, after something so devastating and core shaking, we must believe and hold no reservation of doubt to the goodness of our heart. Although, at first, the tears will come, the mind may not fathom, and the world may seem like it has fallen apart, it is important that you stay real and true to the nature of your being. In truth, honesty and devotion is rewarded in its glory. It enlightens and defines the strength of our character. It brings us full circle to reasoning and purpose, which sometimes can get lost, and pushed to the wayside in a relationship. It makes us a better person, in not only handling tragedy, but adds humility and preservation for the next time around that is sure to come, as long, as you believe in love.


Rock of Gibraltar by Anthony D Darden

Rock of Gibraltar
© 2017 Anthony D Darden
The moment you are born and the influence of your parents have a tremendous effect on how you view life.  It determines your outlook and how you relate.
What is it that makes you, you? Your reason, purpose, and meaning. In this tangled web of life, we are defined by many things. Though, regardless of how we are defined, our greatest asset is our heart. It is the one true nature of our being that we can neither evade or hide from. Unless, of course, you are heartless. Or would seem so. The heart takes on many characteristics. But most can agree, if you are kind, compassionate, loving, humble, and sympathetic, you have a better chance at waving through life’s predicaments and building productive and secure relationships as well as having a productive and fulfilling life.   
We all like to think we are an island. We like to believe we are strong, and can handle anything that comes our way. Especially when we have life by the balls and everything is going our way. Sometimes those innate characters’ seep in, and moral fortitude can get caught up in egotism. And if we do not have enough sensibility to understand when we are being unreasonable, at some point in time, if not corrected or amends made, karma will be the price.  
A conscious being is a strong being. It begins with a strong and solid foundation. Building character and strength, and defining the core values of your being, is no easy task. Because everything starts from home. The moment you are born and the influence of your parents have a tremendous effect on how you view life.  It determines your outlook and how you relate. If you grow up in a home that’s always in plight, that baggage will carry over. If you grow up in a home of love, respect, and support, that baggage will carry over. It is a parent’s job to protect and raise their child to be respectful, honest, caring, humble, and supportive. The basic elements of life’s essentials. Prepare them for a cruel world that they have enough confidence to aspire, be productive, and ascend to leave a positive mark, not only to make their parents proud, but a legacy for their family to come.
Parents should lead by example. They are the arch, the foundation and meaning. They are to be looked up to. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Their job is to instill in their child, faith and believe. They are the backbone and the strength. They are to teach them right from wrong. They are to teach them love and respect of all humanity. They are to instill in them courage, strength, and confidence, that they will flourish and find a path of enlightenment, and know someone is always there if they falter. It is not an easy job, especially when you must put your foot down. Parenting is not a friendship. It is a meaning and purpose. It is a reason and logical process that must be upheld even in defiance, which is sure to come. The main thing is to stay the course. Saying no today, means a greater yes down the road. It protects them when they are not emotionally or mentally equipped to see and understand now. It lays the foundation for their strength and morality that will pay off later down the road. It comes at a price to building greater respect and unconditional love. A foundation needed to forge a respectable and loving human being who doesn’t take life for granted and have earned the wealth of their life.  
A child that grows to understand the complexities of parenting and the sacrifices made, will love and respect you more for giving them strength, confidence, and unyielding support. Especially when they become parents and know they are the sole responder for another human being. Because without, they are left to struggle and have no basic foundation of finding their way. Not to say they will not find their way. It will be much harder. Resentment toward their parent can build in frustration. It also distills lack of respect and trust. For the simple fact, once they are parents and have their own family, the last person they are going to turn to for wisdom and strength, is the parent who has offered them no foundation of survival.  
If you let you child walk all over you and the people in their life, they are going to carry it with them wherever they go. Respect and love is not a turn on and off button. It starts at home. It starts with family and friends. If not, they are in danger of becoming self-loathing narcissist who think and feel they are entitled. They will lack in empathy, honesty, and confidence. They can even spiral into depression and become vulnerable to anyone lavishing them with attention. A child that is not given hope, faith, and a basic moral foundation to stand on, when they must step up and face the real world, will blame the parent for their faults. It’s basic human nature. They most often drown in their own pity. The friendship that prevailed over parenting, will falter in the end. Because children need someone who they can look up to without impunity. They need to know they have someone unconditionally. They need to know they have someone that they can trust, turn to, and always believe in. Someone that can give it to them on the real, whether they like it or not. Someone that is beyond reproach or question. Someone that have laid the foundation and giving them an enlightening path to follow. Someone they always have, to fall back on. Someone that is true and real, and holds the utmost respect, that is not only a leader, but an example of growth, wisdom, and prosperity. Someone that is a true Rock of Gibraltar.

Less Sex, Less Security, Less You by Anthony D Darden

Less Sex, Less Security, Less You
© 2017 Anthony D Darden

After one month of bliss, more and more people are having less sex in their relationship.
People are more in their head than in their emotions. With the burden of the world on their shoulders, atlas is shrugging. Priorities have shifted. Peer pressure is on. The need to keep up with the Kardashians has become a defining aspect of illogical reasoning, and lack in moral contribution and attributes. More and more people has become subjective. The strong have become weak, subsiding their physical and mental prosperity for brands, labels, and fantasies of fast wealth that flash, day in and day out, before their very eyes, through soul sucking networks that are hooked into billions of accounts, and draining them penniless of liberty, morality, life, and love.
The greatness of unity has been broken. Family no longer means strength, honesty, loyalty, love, and togetherness. Couples struggle each day to identify each other. It would seem, at a glance, everything is alright. But Jack is worried about being short on next month’s payments, even though Little Bo Peep looks like a million bucks in that new designer dress, new diamonds and gold chain, and two hundred dollar pumps to boot. Plus, there was something else bothering him. Jill! Deep down he was starting to feel it. He even said it in his mind. Jack and Jill. It makes more sense.
Very rarely do we see real, genuine people these days. Genuine people are caring and kind. The kind that calls you out of the blue, just to say hello, and see how you are doing. The kind that invites you in, and always has a plate at the dinner table for you. The kind that makes you smile, always has nice, soothing, warm, and funny words of comfort and security. The kind that gives you advice, and not their opinion. The kind that are with you through thick and thin, just a phone call away. You can’t get any more genuine.
Couples are not interactive these days. They are together. They wake up to the buzz of the coffee machine. Depending on if they have one or two bathrooms, who is going to hit the shower first. Then it’s a peck on the cheek, and sometimes a muffin out the door with that coffee to go to start those twelve and sixteen hour days. Not much room for sex after the day pounds you into the ground. Sex is not like it used to be. Anytime of the day and night. Always kissing and necking like two school kids. Always ready for a dare, and spare of the moment. Sex was plentiful, relentless, and filled with making memories. Then it got caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, reality knocked at the door, and the producer said, it’s a wrap.
After one month of bliss, more and more people are having less sex in their relationship. Once the fire is extinguished, and the novelty has lost its appeal, people find it hard to relate and connect. A house built without a foundation is hard to sustain. Good looks, a banging body, and smoking in bed, may spin your head for a while and have you dreaming up all kinds of fantasies of an everlasting life. But without due diligence, a fantasy is just a fantasy. A fantasy holds nothing to the substance of reality. A fantasy can be bought and paid for. Reality cannot. Once the novelty is gone, if there is nothing of substance, if the minds have not met, and the only thing holding you together is good looks, a hot body, and a few tricks up your sleeve, it’s just a matter of time before your world comes crashing down.
Forgoing ethical and moral intimacy, more relationships lack core value. They trend in low self-esteem and insecurity. Instead of seeking self-worth and building confidence from the ground up, to assure faith, understanding, and depth, they thrive to build an imagine of material wealth to rectify and justify their existence, purpose, and meaning. Twelve and sixteen hour days justify the purpose for absentee and lack of participation. Where love is supposed to be the reason, meaning, and purpose, it falls to the wayside and eventually gets lost in transition. Days start out, one day at a time. Before you know it, time has passed, and that little string that’s holding things together, has broken.
There is no magical pill or theory to define one state of love. Love is many things. But the things to sustain love, and give it the gift of wings to soar and defy all odds, is the gift of self, and what is of you that defines and inspire the growth and strength of all your relationships. A person in love wakes with a smile. They have the gift of hope, faith, belief, and optimism at their side. They have the purest intentions, unshaded by doubt or fear. Most beginnings are dreamy. Everything, perfect. Love is blooming, and the air is fresh and clean. Joyful days, reach out and beyond one’s imagination, giving light to soul’s fire. A beautiful day and start, deserving something special and real. Deserving your smile, your laughter, and the beat of your joyful heart. Love is deserving of every moment and second of your happiness. It deserves the best of you, that you aspire as well as inspire.     
If you want love, if love has knocked at your door with a great big smile, dreamy eyes, kissable lips, and soothing arms of comfort and serenity, seize the day.  True love is extraordinary. It is the one thing most dream of and aspire to be. The secret to finding love is not to seek your happiness in someone else, but to be happy and evolve in that happiness, that you find someone just as complementing, eager, humble, and loving as you. Someone that shares mutual desires and dreams, that is considerate and kind. Someone that is fascinated by you, admiring, and willing to give their heart and soul. Someone just like you, a mere reflection that opens the door and releases all your inner ambitions. Someone you desire to hold in your arms every moment of the day. Someone you can look deep in the eyes, say I love you, and feel it all the way down to your toes, even, in trying times.

Just you & I

Just you & I
© 2017 Anthony D Darden
An uncut relationship, like an uncut diamond, needs to be shaped and refined. It takes time, patience, trust, honesty, and determination to reach an elite state.
Waking with a smile is a beautiful thing. Especially if you have someone lying next to you that you love, admire, and want to be with forever. Just you and I ring synonymous with togetherness, do or die, and forevermore. It is one of our deepest ambitions. The thought that someone is out there for us is aspiring. It is titillating. It is human nature, a deep, natural affinity of intimacy, love, sexuality, and spirituality. A soulmate renders kindness and induces a deep, honest, sexual connection. A soulmate not only reflects our deepest desires, but carry an innate instinct to protect, care, and see the best of us. Even at their own expense. What emanates from a soul mate is a parallel validation. The attraction and impact are sudden, staggering, and breathtaking. It is not something planned, or even something you are looking for. It’s the nature of chemistry, when you meet someone, automatically click, and can’t seem to pull yourself away. You find yourself thinking about them day in and day out. It often becomes an obsession and a dying need. It renders you helpless to fight off the attraction, curiosity, and yearning to know more. Love at first sight would be more appropriate. Something most people don’t believe in until it hits them hard and out of nowhere. Something most people would give their life to feel and surrender to.
Soulmates aren’t always instant. Sometimes it takes time to see what has been in front of you the whole time. That is because you were not emotionally equip. Which is the state of most people today. A morality of material substance has saturated the view. People are choosing wealth over love. They are lacking in integrity, trust, patience, and the desire to build their own value, security, and spiritual wealth that is more valuable than diamonds and gold.
Love is a beautiful thing. It takes us to greater and newer heights. It is the one true thing that cannot be brought. It is a power untold, revitalizing, and pure in its essence. To find someone akin, that share your hopes, desires, and dreams, only comes along once or twice in a lifetime. It is rare. Though, it is a raw diamond in the rough. Because even if you meet someone who is true to the nature of your heart’s desires, you must be equipped with enough sensibility to pick up and carry the torch forward. You must understand the significance and value that has been bestowed upon you. You must be of clear mind and clear consciousness. You must believe in yourself and what you must contribute in the growth and strength of your emotions wholeheartedly, and your desires in supplementing your partners.
An exclusive, loving and caring, relationship is a two-way street. An uncut relationship, like an uncut diamond, needs to be shaped and refined. It takes time, patience, trust, honesty, and determination to reach an elite state. Love may be the lead and inspiration, but the path and choices made will define the power and strength of your love. The key elements of growth and longevity are respect, honesty, trust, belief, faith, loyalty, and conviction to each other wholeheartedly, without any doubt. Although sometimes, it may be challenging, it is making it through the storm that defines strength, power, and greatness. It brings you closer. It builds more trust and believe. And that, that you have not surrendered because of apprehension, or an air of caution, will find no doubt.
People truly in love stand for each other. They want each other. They desire each other. They admire each other. They are true to each other against any and everything. They will literally die for each other. To have someone that valuable in your life, for you, and knowing without a doubt, it is true, is mindblowing and astounding. It is worth the fight. It is worth surrendering to the doubt, apprehension, or air of caution. Because there is no other greater power on earth. There is no greater feeling on earth. To wake each morning in the arms of someone you truly love, and inspire throughout the day, only makes it just that much stronger. It is a blessing. It is a hope and dream to all romantic hearts. It is inspiring to put our best foot forward. To stand strong and confident. To be real and honest with our self, that God will send us an angel. Someone to love, trust, and admire. Someone that touches our heart and makes us feel like no other. Someone we love, and know, without a doubt, our love is returned in kind. Someone we can grow with and build a kingdom with here on earth. But most of all, without a doubt, someone we are willing to die for, knowing the emotional depth, and serenity, is in turn.     

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