The Desk of Anthony Darden: SELF-WORTH © 2017 Anthony D Darden

The Desk of Anthony Darden: SELF-WORTH © 2017 Anthony D Darden: self-worth © 2017 Anthony D Darden Devotion is the pinnacle of power Love is a beautiful thing for those who believe in the heart...

SELF-WORTH © 2017 Anthony D Darden

© 2017 Anthony D Darden

Devotion is the pinnacle of power

Love is a beautiful thing for those who believe in the heart and soul of friendship, honesty, faith, and belief. But most of all, the nature and ability to comprehend your value and worth. The above elements are keys to a successful relationship. When meeting someone, friendship is the first key, the first steppingstone to enlightenment. The second, is honesty. One must be honest in pursuit, but in worth and belief of their own value. Faith is the thing we carry in our heart. It is the anchor, our belief and motivation. With these elements in place, and the natural pursuit of a thriving, lustful, and attractive relationship, you can put a logical foundation on your feelings once the novelty has reached its peak and reality comes rearing its ugly face.

We all, at one point, must face the truth, regardless of how we feel. Logic must be the reasoning. Honesty must be its anchor to sustain and move forward. When starting a new relationship, you must always put your best foot forward. You must always be real and honest. Starting without the reinforcement of trust and honesty only leads to misconception. It is also considered the end of the beginning. If you cannot be honest in a relationship, you certainly are not honest with who you are and the true value of your self-worth. It is deceptive and misleading. It is devaluing and will eventually fall short of grace.

To assert value, faith, and belief, you must come in with the value of winning. You must believe in yourself. You must believe in what your partner offers. You must believe in the growth, value, and sanctuary of what you are pursuing. You must believe the two of you can and will make it happen come hell or high water. It must be what you truly want and desire.  

Decisions must be made with honest and true intentions to sustain the growth and purity of the relationship. When one goes left, the other must go left. When one goes right, the other must go right. When one cries, the other cries. When one falls, the other is there to pick them up. When one desires, the other feeds the need with joy, admiration, and honor.

Devotion is the pinnacle of power. If a hopeful and thriving relationship is to aspire, devotion to each other, no matter what, must be the forefront. If not, you are just spinning the wheels and wasting valuable time. It not only demeans you, it saturates your pride and dignity with low self-esteem. It makes you question your own value and worth. It makes you feel valueless and afraid to stand for your own self-worth.


Quote by Anthony D Darden

Success is investing in self. Only then can you aspire to greatness.

© Anthony D Darden

Father’s Day is over, Atlantic Starr - Always (official music video)

Father’s Day is over. I hope for those who shared the love, aspire to understand family is everything. Even those that may not have been present, my heart goes out to you. For some, Father’s Day is a big downer. Especially to those single mom’s that carry the world on your shoulders. There has been a lot of hating posted. Some deserving. Some not. Regardless of how you feel about ex, there is still the need of the child. Plus, there is still the need of your mending heart. Sometimes it takes a long time to get over someone you have given 100%. The betrayal can shake you to the core. But there is one thing that will always hold true. The depth and belief of your heart. To find love, we must surrender to love. We must let go of the past to step into the future. If you hold on to the pain, it will become transferable. You’ll most likely try to eliminate the pain by running prematurely into the arms of another. Which, most often, backfires. Your heart can’t be in two places at one time. And if this is the case, what is hid in the dark, always come to light. You will falter, and continue to falter, as long as you carry that nag around that you can’t seem to let go. Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it is real and right. It is the gift of your heart, and what you have to offer. Don’t let anger and resentment tarnish it. Don’t embroil yourself in something that is beyond your control. 100% of your heart, is 100%, no matter how many ways you slice the pie. Hold true to your nature and feelings. Hold true to what you believe in your heart, and let no one take it away. Maintain your power and control. Shine like the beacon you are, standing on the shore of the storm. Someone will see the light, and come running with open arms to respect and treat you like the queen you are. Always.



©2017 Anthony D Darden

65% of students report bullying. This does not include adults, who are skeptical about reporting because of the impact in may have on their life. Bullying is commonly associated with kids and teens. Bullying contributes to feeling socially unwanted, isolated, worthless, and depressed. Although the number is high, in the consistent 65% range, some children do not come forward. They are too embarrassed and dread being labeled a snitch. If not put in check, bullying can affect into adulthood, and cause anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, and desolation. The affects can be tragic and heartbreaking. The suicide range is about 4,500 deaths per year, and climbing. This does not include the suicide attempts.

Bullying has become an epidemic. Not only affecting children and teens, but is touching the lives of adults more and more each year. The numbers are staggering and growing. It contributes to 30% of high school dropouts, and 20% of college dropouts. 50% of drug addiction. And drops one into a deep dark state of depressive loneliness.

Signs of bullying are aggressive behavior, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Cyberbullying is leading the way amongst teens. It is important today to keep track of your child’s internet access, especially if his or her mood changes or they start to withdraw emotionally. Watch your child, look for the signs, and stay vigilant. Even in friends and family members. Even in yourself, when you believe it is nothing serious and just a jest. For some it is easier to play around in the in-crowd, where you can find relief, comfort, and security, at someone else’s expense. Although you may not be the initiator, laughing with the crowd, goating, and turning a deaf ear, hurts and hinders.

If you want to be Someone in the in-crowd, be a hero. Be Someone. Be a supporter against bullying. Be a proud and true friend. Be a proud vigilant parent. Be the best brother and the greatest sister. Be yourself and inspire. Inspire in a world that needs inspiration and comfort, that needs hope and grace. A world that needs Someone to look up to. A Real Hero. Someone that is not afraid to stand up to a growing epidemic. Someone that is not afraid to raise their hand, for the defenseless, and say, STOP THE BULLYING

HEROES © Anthony D Darden (For all who serve)

For all who serve: 

Happy Memorial Day

 © Anthony D Darden 

To the heroes who walks away, when their love goes astray
Who stands for morality, richness for you & me
To the heroes who stands alone, against a cold world made of stone
Who conquered the mountaintop, to show we are strong
To the heroes who seize the day, when all hope is dead & gone
They are the cornerstones, the foundation of our home

To the heroes that sacrifice, precious heart of gold
Who persevere & come up strong, I dedicate this song
I bow my head to you, cause your respect is due

To the heroes that really care, who fight plague & human despair
Who’s the beacon of the light, angels dressed in white
To the heroes in camouflage, & the boys dressed in blue
Who holds liberty assure, when there’s danger knockin’ at our door
To the heroes that fight the flame, & the mothers who suffer the pain
We owe so much to you, cause your devotion is true

To the heroes that sacrifice, precious heart of gold
Who persevere & come up strong, I dedicate this song
I bow my head to you, cause your respect is due

Humility © 2017 Anthony D Darden

© 2017 Anthony D Darden

Is sure to come, as long, as you believe in love.

Tragedy in life brings heartache and pain. It brings suffering and can take us to a low point in our life. It can literally destroy us if we are not able to comprehend, take hold, and find reconciliation. For some, it is much harder than others, especially in a relationship that has defined them, and have been the epitome of their life.  It takes so much out of you. Depending on the depth, some never make it back. They can’t seem to cope, and more often than not, end up taking their own life. Lost can be devastating. Especially if you do not see it coming. It is hard to comprehend something you cannot fathom. When faced with it, it can be staggering, surreal, and unbelievable. To the point of denial. No one wants to believe something that was so vital, magical, and breathtaking, has turned and gone so bad. It’s a hard pill to swallow, especially if years of prosperity has shown otherwise.

To believe it is going to last forever, and then suddenly be ambushed, can crumble the tallest mountain. It can break the strongest and destroy the weak. It is the kind of love people are willing to live and die for. It is heart wrenching and sad when lost so devastating finds no humility when finding the necessity to part. It is sad when the time spend together doesn’t render kindness and compassion. It is sad to know people can be so cruel and heartless to each other, and lose themselves in anger, hatred, and sorted revenge. Granted, some relationships need refinement. If a relationship is one sided, it needs change. If a relationship is abusive, it needs change. If a relationship is deceptive, it needs change. If communication and devotion has gone to the wayside, it needs change. It is those who have given their life, have been honest and true, and believe with their heart and soul, who find the trenches deep, mind-blowing, and hard to come back from. Because not only did they not see it coming, but also, it shakes one’s belief to the core. Although it is over, their mind and heart keeps telling them no. Their emotions are not equipped to handle the disbelief. And if what you are and have become, in the relationship, is disconnected, it is easy to spiral out of control and lose your mind and belief in love.  

If love is your true nature, even in pain and heartache, the beacon will always shine and lead you through the storm, no matter how shaky and unstable the sea may be. A true nature is defined with life, and the depth of your character. Even in tragedy, love stands of all. If you give your heart and soul to anything, and believe with your soul the vitality and purity of its strength and glory, it will remain an innate foundation of your character. No matter the pain, no matter the heartache, if you find tragedy, inflicted by another, the strength and belief of your character will remain intact, even though the pain is overwhelming and blinding.

If you know within your heart that you have been a good person, have been honest and true, and given your heart and soul to someone you believed was true to you, it is not your weight to carry, even though you will feel the pain and may carry the disappointment for the rest of your life. As it goes, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. And in all fairness, God may have just been looking out for you. Because if someone is that deceitful and heartless, without any remorse or conscious validation, especially if you’ve been devoted, honest, and true, it is more of a blessing than a tragedy.

Normal reasonable and honest people in relationships know the strength and depth of their relationship. They have enough sensibility to know when things are going good or bad. They have enough respect and courtesy, not only for the strength, well-being, and depth of their character, but for your well-being also. Good people don’t hurt other people intentionally. They are more tactful, compassionate, and have enough consideration to bring things to the forefront, to talk, find an understanding, before deciding to part. In some cases, couples make better friends than lovers. Sometimes things just do not work out. It’s the nature of love. Either or, respect, honesty, and the true nature of intentions should always be the deciding foundation, and be a joint decision if one is to part or stay together. Because it is not only about love. It is about integrity, respect, and love for one’s self, and one’s fellow human being. It’s about one’s depth, strength, and character of their being.  It’s about being a decent and honest human being. A human being that is irreproachable, compassionate, kind, loving, caring, and passionate about life. A human being that shines with zest, have a spark in their eyes, and is magnetic to the world. A human being that inspires the best not only in self, but in those they love and admire. A human being that is honest and true to the core, and is a blessing to anyone that is deserving. 

In tragedy, we must find the strength and depth of our heart. We must know it. We must understand it. If there is any hope of finding our way back into the arms of love, after something so devastating and core shaking, we must believe and hold no reservation of doubt to the goodness of our heart. Although, at first, the tears will come, the mind may not fathom, and the world may seem like it has fallen apart, it is important that you stay real and true to the nature of your being. In truth, honesty and devotion is rewarded in its glory. It enlightens and defines the strength of our character. It brings us full circle to reasoning and purpose, which sometimes can get lost, and pushed to the wayside in a relationship. It makes us a better person, in not only handling tragedy, but adds humility and preservation for the next time around that is sure to come, as long, as you believe in love.


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