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Chapter I
Everyone dreams of love, the fairy tale, and the happy ever after. The premise of love is defined by the meet, the intoxication, and the overwhelming sense of loss without the other. The novelty of love is captivating, mind-blowing, and emotionally illogical. The heart wants what the heart wants, and there is no denying it. Even if it is dead wrong we, most often, can’t help or control ourselves. By nature we are flawed when it comes to understanding the vitality of love. In most cases, we jump right in, head first, without thought or reason, soaring high on what we are feeling, thriving for, and wishing it will last forever. It’s especially true when we believe we have found our soul mate.
There is no denying that love is a powerful and seductive sedative. Nevertheless, where most falter, is their understanding of love and its meaning in their own life. Like most, belief is of the heart, streaming for the moment and what they are feeling. There is no practicality. Only that it is something special and not acceptable to fail. Though, when they hit a bump in the road, it’s a shock, because who would ever believe something so pure and real could suddenly go so wrong. It’s sad to say, but 98% of all relationships that have not been defined and directed, will hit a bump in the road, simply because unregistered emotion is something they did not take into account.
In most cases, the symbolism is there with all the trimmings, the big wedding, the new home, and even the planning of procreation. It’s the beginning of new life and inspirations. It stems from belief of the heart, an overwhelming substance that holds no value to reason. Love is the inspiration. Love is the motivation. Love is all consuming and blind to tomorrow. Yet, when it goes wrong, we all have to ask why, and look back to see what we could have done different.
The problem with being in love is not in how we feel, but how we accept and control it in our life. Guaranteed, if you are running on emotions alone, you will fail at love. Love is not enough to sustain the novelty of what you are feeling and carry over into happily ever after. A simple fact is, at one point, you must face reason.
There are so many entities in love that it would be impossible to know or see the nature and true depth of your love. From a collective state we profess, giving, caring, respect, honesty, and trust. But even in this aspect, it most often doesn’t hold true. It may be from the start. It may even last for a few years. Though when it starts to unravel and you find yourself at a crossroad, what do you do? What can you do?
In most cases, when emotions fail to aspire, you can do nothing because the damage is already done. There is no way you can go back in time. When someone stays in a relationship because of feelings of what they had, and fighting to get back to that place that once was, they are fighting against the tide. Those old feelings are gone and can never be retrieved. One thing in life, you cannot do the day over. Once that day is gone, it’s gone forever. You can daydream, you can hope, and you can even pray. But yesterday is forever gone.
When accepting love into your heart, you must understand it. It must have a purpose, meaning, and reason. No love can survive without purpose, meaning, and reason. It is impossible. It would be like having the sun without the sky. If your love is to survive the vast conflicting world that is forever whispering negative effects in your ear, purpose, meaning, and reason is the forefront to stand against such atrocities.
Love, if it is to be, if you are to survive and aspire, must start and prevail into purpose and meaning. When you accept someone into your life and that person makes you happy and fulfills all your needs, it most often is a world wind of uncontrolled emotions. Regardless of that person’s past, it is pushed to the side, and most often forgotten. After all, someone’s pass does not make the future. New love is a new beginning. All is laid out for you. Every dirty little secret is revealed, the choice is yours. You can either accept love or let it go.
Love is enrichment. We bring people into our life to enrich it, make it better, and to aspire in achieving something fulfilling and worthwhile. Though, in reality, and most of the time, we sacrifice more than we believe in. We give up more of our trust than we want to. Love can make us do some pretty drastic things. Be it good or bad, if you can’t get a hold of your emotions and steer them on the right course, you will not only be on a blind course, but you have no way of knowing where you will end up.

The power of love is exclusive. The secret stands by your belief to be true and defiant against anyone or anything that stands in your path of fulfillment. If you are sincere about your relationship, then the first thing you must do is throw out the old rule book. Cut all ties to the whispering, the advice, and or the rules that guide you at present. The rules that apply to your love and your relationship must be made clear and defined by you and your mate. 

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