The Art of Will Free Living by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

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The Art of Will Free Living
Fiction Writer Anthony Darden
Copyright 2014 Anthony Darden

Everyone needs to take a break. Even the best. Because greatness can come with a cost. Not like in the day when landlines and payphones ruled the world. Most kids of this generation don’t even know what a landline is. Life was much simpler then. The white picket fence was the American Dream. Now it’s the big twenty-five room mansion, the fleet of cars, the flash and dash, and making Gucci richer. If you have a low credit score, forget about the dating pool, unless the score is lower than yours. Today everything is defined by a look, a trend, the hottest and the newest. Thank God the meat dress didn't catch on. Everyone is trying to get to the top as fast as they can. Families are left in the wake. Lifelong friends are betrayed. Lovers become enemies. And loyalty only finds a bullet. Behind it all, controlling it all, is money, the need, and the desire.

Once first bitten by a million dollars, a fiend will kill his mother just to keep the high, especially if his own vulgar has led to his or her own downfall. The psych of the world now, a lot different than it was twenty years ago, which should attest to the fact that most are no smarter today. Most still have not figured out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. In wake of the 2008 economic crisis, those without money in the bank and living high off their A one credit score, felt the pain and had to trade in their Gucci for Walmart, get bus passes, and move back in with their parents.

The fallen is no hero beyond the mask. Stripped of all luxuries of life, the nakedness of humanity is revealed. There your true friends will stand. The rest, those that you believed in, those that you trusted and supported, will persuade the confidence of their next check, and will move on, waiting patiently with a bogus excuse later to defend their actions. An age old history of mankind, yet most still wallow in its destruction. The gray turns dark, depression and desperation set in, and it’s a lot easier to put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, than to stand back up, brush yourself off, and get back on the grind. Without a core code of morality, one flash of anger turns the tide on self-deceit.

People that chase dreams, are dream chasers. Sometimes they get lucky. But to dream is a pursuit forthwith of pursuing. A good building block for success - Don’t chase money, make money. A person is not free if they cannot make the choices to direct their life, and how they want to direct it. A man with ten thousand in saving, has his bills paid off for the whole years, and savings to back up the next year, is richer and has more free will than a man with a billionaire dollar credit line.  Credit is working two jobs, and you still pay the fee. It is not yours if it is not paid off. Credit is for building financial gain blocks to secure your future. If you have no savings, no matter how small, you are winging your future. Real credit is support of family, friends, and relatives, and a lot of, better not miss, family dinners to keep the core healthy and strong.

Chasing fads is chasing someone else’s dream, and making them very rich. Never look up to or idolize a star beyond their craft. The character of who you are, and what you want to be, starts from one spark, and turns in the changing of your wisdom. Life is a fickle trail and we often don’t end up where we started. Some dreams are shattered and fall apart. The great, never give up. A wicked world we live in. A beautiful world we can build. Everyone is caught in the cylinder of life. If you are waiting to find happiness, look inside. Never believe you are smarter than the next man. Just master what you do. Facts beat craftiness each time. Don’t follow. Lead. Take care of the physical temple God gave you, and it will take care of you. Never envy achievement of someone else, embraced them with sincere devotion and learn something. Accountability is the cornerstone to all success and gives failure an archer. Each day is anew, even if we failed yesterday. To stop learning, is to stop growing and achieving.

Power, we have it. But most don’t understand or simply don’t have the motivation. Me, I like to be in control. I like waking, making breakfast, and doing with the day whatever please me. People knock on the door, I don’t answer. After a cup of coffee, I’m in my zone by then. I’m a productive maniac. I like creating. I like writing. I like cooking. This is basically my life, what I do. And enjoy every minute of it. While my friends are out chasing the great depression, keeping that credit score high and mighty, shopping for that big house and truck, and getting the million dollars chills, I’m packing and stacking my money, because I can’t necessary regulate making a living off someone else. Millions of jobs are lost each year, people and families left in the streets. The bargaining rate, a final paycheck and a gold watch, after 30 years. How could that not be a crime in America?

How did the world of money get so complicated? And why are people so obsessed with keeping up with the Kardashians? Why are they so obsessed with having the biggest and the best? All that doesn't make anyone smarter. It doesn't make them richer. The idiot box, my grandmother once called it. Everyone is living through an idiot box. Acts of life are depicted from TV. Millions are motivated and inspired with champagne ads directed at senseless brains. Sony just throw out a curve for the great couch potato. Phones, pads, and laptops, are loaded with flash registers, overzealous free advertising to suck you in for the add-ons that cost you in the end. Everything comes with a price. Even a decent cup of coffee. Without a solid bedrock of savings or money hidden in grandma’s matters, credit will continue to repeat itself with stagnating interest to the poor and most of the middle class. And this consist of working from paycheck to paycheck just to pay the bills. God forbid you lose your job. 

To stand in a dream, we must learn how to walk a dream. Baby steps are needed to cement the foundation. Cementing is the core of your foundation, the environment, how you function in the cross roads of today’s fast moving life. Everyone needs a foundation, a morality core, a value and support system of who you are. No one is an island. No man is greater than the next. Lots of money to a fool, only marks the degree of self-destruction.  Money is a bargaining chip.  Its sole purpose is in fair exchange rate, a bargain for a bargain. Interchanged with your life, it’s no different. Your value to the world is a brand and your net worth. Without, like an old icon movie star, you’re reduced to the B-Movie section. Another age old tale of stars that got caught in the vacuum of Hollywood, road the egomaniac as high as they could go, and forgot to prepare for the landing of real life. 

Everyone want to be rich. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone seems to be chasing something. I think, if you stop chasing, take everything in, and see just where you stand in life, you may come to some hard realities. If you don’t have enough time in the day for yourself, your family, and your friends, then I also know you really have not had time to sit down and treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine and a great mouthwatering meal, which is sad, considering everything you are chasing. Breakfast is the start of the day. Don’t have time, the voice of millions. So busy chasing the ego life that will bring you fame and fortune, real life is passing aimlessly by.

          Successful finances is a structure to your world, your world and life you build upon this earth. Use your time and money wisely. Get back to the one true thing that makes an honest day’s work worth the value. Don’t give it away in fees, trying to take the short cut, because you just saw the latest fad and must have it. Put the lesser in a savings and help it grow. That change you dump on the dresser or on the table every night, put it in a jar or can, and don’t touch it for a few years. There’s a million and one ways to save. Even add that penny, dime, or nick that you see often laying on the ground. I am willing to bet that if you had a savings, your bills paid in full, own all you have, and enough cash in your checking account, you’d be living free and like a king. Because there the opportunities of your potential can bloom. You have a choice, free will, and the sole controller of your life in full. That’s the art of living your life, and not chasing someone else’s.  Happy, my view, is being able to wake to the morning sun, stretch, drag my lazy butt to the kitchen, and grab me a fresh cup of coffee. From there, the choice in mine. The beach, or a few hours work. Whatever the choice, it is solely mine, well prepared and of whim of the heart.

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