Black Box

Coming January 5, 2015

“Anthony Darden is unbelievably gifted.”
“Black Box is tricky and crafty; making you believe when you know it is unbelievable.”
“Every corner there is a new plot.”
“This is not writing. This is storytelling.”
“Ingenious! Simply ingenious.”
“Sidney Sheldon, take a bow.”
“Tender, thoughtful, caring, blood and murder. Wow!”
“Finally, a simple, well crafted, great read.”
“Anthony Darden has to be a well-known writer. It is logically impossible to believe he is not.”
“What an F’n Mind.”
“None of this book is wasted; every word, every phrase, every meaning, and every paragraph has a hidden agenda.”
“No one writes like Anthony Darden. He does not write. He tells an awesome story.”
“Once you start, there is no putting it down.”
“Donald Gonies & Harold Robbins decided to crisscross, with the ingenious plotting of Sidney Sheldon.”
“A natural. You can’t go to school to learn to write like this.”
“God! This is good. Too fast the high. Left me nostalgia for more.”
“I cannot take it. Somebody stop the press.”
“Very good.”
“I like. I like. I like!”
“This guy, Anthony Darden, he’s one ghostly great writer.”
“Really! A serial killer. Now that was a nice touch.”


 This mind-blowing, original, twisted, suspense, romantic, flash-thriller, wakes up Sidney Sheldon, Harold Robbins, and Donald Goines, pulling up the old relics of Akron, Ohio, and starting on the modern landscape of Vernon Odom Blvd, the old Wooster Ave, taking you down memoir lane, when 8-tracks bumped Heatwave, Kool & the Gang, Earth, Wind, & Fire, and The Ohio Players. When O’Neil’s & Polsky’s big department stores ruled downtown, and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company ruled the world.  
 Girls fell in love with the Jackson 5. The neighborhoods had not been taken-over by the highways and byways. 70s was the place to be, Big pimpin’, with the likes of Futureshock, Bubbles, Diamond Dick, and a host of other infamous characters and landmarks, like the Hub Lounge, aka the O.K. Corral, the underage notorious hole in the wall once on Rhodes Ave.  
 Though written as fiction, those who grew up in Akron, Ohio and know the game, will only smile and relish in their fifteen minutes of fame. Readers that do not know much about the 70s are not lost in the times, because the character starts in the present, in Akron, Ohio, on Arlington Road, at the Red Roof Inn, next to the Wal-Mart across the lot.
 The Westside of Akron, Ohio is where native Cashmere (Cash) Magnetron was born, and returns home from the Army, after ten years to find his woman with a man he considered his brother and friend. Heartbroken and confused, he finds his old crime partner and fall back into old habits, until the truth finally unravels. However, by then, he has made some deadly moves that has come back to haunt him.  
 Many lives on the line, including the love of his life. The worst and best decision of his life was robbing a jewelry store in Fairlawn ten years ago, a lifelong ago long forgotten and water under the bridge. Now he is back, and so are they, a New York gangster wanting his money back, and wanting to take over his Black Box operation to take it global, after ten long years of lying dormant.
 An envelope was left at the whorehouse he used as a base of operation. Inside was a picture. On the back was a number to call. With only a band of degenerate veterans, a whorehouse full of whores, and a little Blond he picked up at Walmart, he has to find his way past a determined Detective that knows the truth and is hot on his heels. He has to take on an anger, raging, vengeful problem that should have been taken care of ten years ago. And this all has to go down at the same time, the same time he is in New York, spying on a rooftop, and making bye-byes with the little hot blond, after signaling his inside man.

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