The Kill - Coming May 8th 2015

The Kill
Part 1

When the killing stops and you are bathing in a sea of blood, the only thing that hides you is money. It is a necessity for staying alive and out of prison. Money can buy anything.

This modern day crime thriller introduces Mr. Marks, an ex-Italian cop who is forced into killing Don Vergucci, after his payments came up short and he suffered a few broken ribs. Exposed corruption, forced and changed his life forever. Nothing could hide him from the public shame but blood and money. It solidified his ignoble climb to the top to an underworld mob family, where seven mob heads set in judgement, plotting to take him down. However, the sharp shooter, who is known for always hitting his mark, had other plans - to get all seven mob heads out of the way, so he can focus on the kill he was born for. 

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