If you eat out a lot, you should seriously think about what you are putting in your body & the repercussions. If you have never worked in a restaurant kitchen, then you really have no ideals what goes on behind closed doors. Most foods that come off the line is made by line cooks who can barely fry an egg. The days of the real chefs running a kitchen are over. Corporations  have cut the salary chef, took that salary, and broke it down to four line cooks at ten bucks an hour. Those cooks are then given a recipe book and told to follow the directions to the letter for consistency. No creativity in that. Food is processed in factories, for consistency and weight,  frozen & boxed, and shipped to the restaurant. Food that is not shipped is prepared by prep-cooks that make much less than a line cook. They fall in the range of busboy and dishwasher at six to seven bucks an hour. Most fast food restaurants are process to put in less value and to generate a three hundred percent mark up. What one would spend at the grocery store for a week worth's of grocery for two, will spend that in one setting at a restaurant.
My wife decided to take me out to eat. One of the hottest restaurant in town. I order the calamari for app. That was followed by a sampler platter with coconut shrimp, steak and shrimp on a stick, and chicken fingers. The moment I saw the food, I knew I was in for real trouble. Sysco came to mind. I ran a restaurant upstate New York, and Sysco foods was were they ordered their prepacked food from. Sysco is worldwide, and offer wholesale food prices. If they were not dealing with Sysco, they may as well have. Because the food I got was no better.
It was a horrible meal. The calamari was like chewing rubber bands. The chicken fingers were too salty. The coconut shrimp was made with breading with a coconut taste, and not made from real coconut shreddings. The steak on the stick was proceeds, with I don't no what, but it wasn't real steak. On top of that my wife ordered bruschetta. The topping came in a cup with bread on the side. Not bruschetta. Along with two beers, the price was like 50 bucks. That's not counting the tip. All the time I was trying to convince my wife that it was going to be a bad experience, and why I didn't eat at fast food restaurants. What my wife spent on that meal, I could have made a whole banquet of food.
And to prove my point, the next day I went shopping, found some great deals, spent 47.52. And made dinner for five, as seen here.

The restaurant business have programed most people to believe they are getting first class food. And the fact is, most people have never had first class food. So they don't really know any better. Plus most people look at food as just something to eat, never questions what’s going in their body and how it will affect them in the long run. Most foods today, we have to be aware of because of the chemicals put in it to make it produce faster. Food today, is becoming more and more dangerous and unhealthy, all for profit.

Food is the key and structure to our home. It is something we must be aware of, especially if you are head of household. You want your family to have a keen understand and value on what food means in your house. You want to protect yourself and your family. The more a family stays at home, on a structured meal plan, and eat together, the stronger their family becomes. Another thing you must understand. If your are the main cook in your home, you have more power than you think when it comes to family, especially if you are a good cook. Because once you lay a food foundation down, and cook everyday, or at least five days a week, your power will grow. Because once someone is eating your food everyday, it is a signature to their palate and the nutrition to their physical structure, like an active drug, only good for them. And if you are good at your job, they will be rushing home to the dinner table everyday just to get some good food. Good food that is impossible to get at any restaurant. Food that is wholesome, family orientated, and bring everyone together, as one.       

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