ACCESS by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Fiction Writer Anthony Darden 
In a world of Oz, where at the touch of a button, can give you the ego of a God, untold earthly wealthy, fame beyond your wildest dreams, and gut your humanity all in the same breath.

The new era of technology, from the landline, to the personal cell phone, has paralleled humanity and machine. At the touch of a button, second-hand life, inspire surreal emotions. The machine smiles down upon us with an abundance of knowledge, wealth, and wisdom. Ego Gods are created, from the very self-enslavement they call freedom. 

©2015 Fiction Writer Anthony Darden
First Edition
Original Work

This is a work of fiction.
Any celebrity reference is not to be taken as a
personal attack where there is no facts in fiction.
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Everyone is screaming change. Everyone is screaming help. We turn and vote for change, hoping someone can step in and rescue us. We call the police hoping they will rescue us. But the truth of the matter, everyone is us. We are the change and the help. We sit back and we pray for a miracle and still watch our sisters being beaten and killed. We still witness murder, and are afraid in our own homes and community. We see broken families, and the everyday struggle of life. These are people that we know, friends, loved ones, and brothers and sisters. And the most important questions we keep asking and praying for an answer to, is why?
Understand that times have changed. We are in a different era. And as much as we fight it, and continue to suffer in denial, time waits for no one. We will continue to see the suffering, and believe we can do nothing about it. We will continue to deny, pray, and watch our own families be ripped apart by the dictatorial of time, because we do not have the fortitude or the moral formalities to grasp the reality before us.
If you know anything about life, and the beginning of time, Man is the beginning of all human existence. And the existence of that man is that in love, he provide a safe and secure home for his family. In love he is the strength and the motivator. He is fairness, faithfulness, and devoted. He is in reason of the whole of the family, the prosperity and growth of each individual. He is the core foundation of the home, the king of his castle, and the creator of his world.
Independent minds are often the reckoning. Why? Because of access, things we don’t understand, see, or comprehend. We like to think we know it all, that we are well informed, but still can’t see the big picture, so we pray instead of moving forward, and hope for change, the very thing we are in denial of.
We are in denial when we know of a home with domestic abuse and turn a deaf ear. We are in denial when we know of drug dealers living in our community and harbor their dirty deeds. We are in denial when we see someone shot in the street begging for life and we turn away in fear. We are in denial of the thugs and thieves who run the streets and gut the very community we live in. We are in denial because it’s happening all around us, and the best we can do is run for cover.
But we want change. We want the killing to stop. We want the drug dealers gone. We want the thugs and thieves out of our lives. We want to be safe and secure. We want to be honest and real with each other. We want to be able to trust and believe.
Family is a core value. It is our root. It is the very essence of who we are and what we will grow to be.  Everyone has a core, a root. The problem with roots, they are not always good.  Some roots have contributed to the world’s most horrific crimes. And most of those roots we find running around in today’s society, causing mayhem, are rooted from the very core of our homes, and in our communities.  We call them drug dealers. We call them thugs and thieves. We call them womanizers and abusers. And at night, when the party is on, and the denial is brewing, we call them friends and family. But talk about them behind their back, instead of facing the problem.
There is a root to everything. If you live in an impoverished area, the chances are you know a drug dealer, a thug, a thief, a pimp, a player, a hoochie, a killer, an abuser. In some form or way you have experienced or witnessed crime. You are not immune to it, if you live in an impoverished area. Because where the root lies, there is a nest, the inner workings and development of those that we fear. They are embedded in the community, free to rain mayhem and sanction fear to the very people that create them.
These people operate outside the law in our community. They sale drugs. They kill. They steal. They bully. And they gut our community from the inside out. These are people we know. These are people we raised. They are people we love and respect. They are our family and friends. They are well protected. They cannot go outside the community and do what they do. They would end up dead our in jail. So they bleed off the community, their own people. And we know this for a fact, but we deny it. The street code is more important than the life of your brother, sister, mother, or friend.
Times have changed. And so must we. Edmund Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This is happening to our own people, people that have worked hard their whole life, have built a good life, and find it in parallel to fear, threats, and violence, but do nothing. 
We know there are good men in our community. Good, honest, hardworking men. Men that put their blood and guts into an honest life, an honest relationship, and an honest and aspiring family. We know they exist. The sixties revolution taught us pride, strength, and dignity. Family was the strength and root of our existence. We strived as a communicating base, as a whole in prosperity and growth. Family accounted for everything. It was your base. It was your source. It provided you comfort and food when you needed a place to stay. It provided you comfort and peace so you could ease your mind. It was always a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen. It was always a place of salvation, the strength of a secure home where you could always feel safe and loved, and know without a doubt, that it is real.  
Access has brought an end to all this. Its surreptitious roots seduce our subconscious, like a brain implant triggering emotions and actions. Where once our actions and moral fortitude was set by the strength and power of our family, our sanctuary, and meaning and purpose. It was a time when the father and mother took the lead. They were the core, the beginning root of family and friends. It was a time when true love was the greatest value. Where vows and devotion, gave motivation to light. Back then everything was in-house. Because family was everything. If you had emotional problems, you could always turn to real family and friends. If you needed somewhere to stay, you always had a warm comfortable bed. If you were short on finance, the money was always there to cover you. Anything in the world was at your feet, because when one suffered, everyone suffered. When one cried, everyone cried. When one was happy it transcended and motivated. It gave hope and inspiration. It provided the true nature of kindness and respect, and instilled morality and faith.
A man’s home once was his castle. His dream was to meet the partner of his life, and have beautiful healthy babies, build a dream home, and build a great future. But now homes have people living in them, distrusting, dishonest, distracted, and disconnected. There is no core or structure. A distrusting wife. A distrusting man. And kids they don’t really know. Most men dread going home. Women are not satisfied, and the kids, who knows where. But the basic structure and old philosophy is still there, the trick and the lie of deceit that renders in a poser beauty. Because now, dwelling in a person’s soul, is their shortcomings.
Living a lie is something we have become accustom to.  We like to say we are all that and a bag of chips, but we are not, not by a long run. The caged bird sings because it has no way out. Because at some point when trouble started, denial set in. Love will make us believe anything, whether it is wrong or it is right. It will make us do things we would never dream of. It is the core of our being, and once someone has a hold of it, it is hard as hell to break free. It is the one leading cause of murder.
Love is power, the one true foundation of any family. With love, you have the power to move the world. Family is atlas, the solvation of who you are and what you will grow up to be. It don’t matter where you came from. Because now is life, every day you wake up to a breath of fresh air. Every moment is yours to challenge your life and the future. As long as there is breath, there is hope. As long as there is a mind, there is knowledge. As long as there is a will, there is motivation.
Power and strength is carried on to you, a solid foundation to carry out into the world.  You didn’t have to worry because you had the full support of family and friends to catch you if you failed. They would come to your new home and help you unpack and set up, and made sure your new home was fully equipped.  They would stock you Frigidaire with homemade dishes. They would just drop in and check on you, and check up on the new people entering your life. They would make sure you are secure and well protected, and prepared to challenge life on your own. You always had a safety net.  
The important thing in understanding is your happiness was their happiness. Your prosperity was their prosperity. This is what makes a family whole. This is the building of trust and respect. This is the building of caring and concern. This is the building of intimacy and relations. This is the core of family and a home. In relationships trust and respect is not a given. Caring and concern is not a given. Intimacy and relations is not a given. They are a benefit of doubt, fueled by novelty and inspiration. The first brick in building a long lasting relationship from that novelty and inspiration is respect and admiration. If there is no respect, you are at the beginning of failure. The second brick is honesty, the core individuality of each individual. The third brick is devoted communication. Without commutation, there is no growth. It breaks down respect, honesty, and admiration. But the most important is the sincerity of your heart. Applying the three above elements to your heart, in return, is the start of a great foundation. It is something, you know, without a doubt, is real, and inspired by respect, admiration, trust, honesty, and devotion.
Relationships take time. They take a lot of hard work to infuse two lives together as one. Without respect, admiration, trust, honesty, and devotion, once tramped upon, leave some very serious challenges, sometimes you can’t come back. Loving someone is easy. Loving and understanding everything about them is hard because people are ever growing evolutions. So, if you lose communication, you disconnect yourself emotionally and mentally from your partner. In that aspect, you never know what’s happening in another person’s brain.
Power and strength is in developing your relationship beyond the novelty, taking that what is a gift of astounding joy, and riding the high to greatness. Every real relationship can only exist with real components. It like a pretty car. If you don’t have the gas money, what’s the point? Development brings a parallel of change. Goals that have been reached. Compromises that have been resolved. Tears that have been turned into joy. Two individuals living as one in heart, mind, body, and soul. One is the car. One is the gas. Together they can travel the world. Although we are in love, we still have to maintain who we are. It is part of the respect. It is part of the admiration. It is part of the charm and allure.
Strength in any relationship has to be maintained by the two. It is your sanctuary, your inspiration of life. Your intimacy is the value of your being. It is the lure and substance of your worth. People that need to confirm their value and worth outside of their relationship, have a lingering foot of doubt hanging outside the relationship. This is not honest. Nor is it respect.  When you don’t have enough confident and belief in your relationships to sit and talk about it, before you invite invasion in, you have taken the first step in deceit of self. Your actions are your own and cannot be the burden of your relationship if you did not have the decency and respect of commination to try and resolve it.
When finding betrayal in our partner, forgiveness is only in acts of redemption. You are not responsible for your partner’s actions. With respect, admiration, trust, honesty, and devotion as your anchor, and the sincere foundation of your love, no excuse is acceptable without a clear conscious reason. Where one would accept anything beyond sound reason, the lure of doubt will never prosper. 
To condom betrayal is the doom of any relationship. It is against the nature of reason and honesty. It diminishes the value of everything you stand for. But it does not diminish the value of you and what you have to offer in any relationship, if you don’t concede and take responsibility for your partner’s shortcomings. Respect, admiration, trust, honesty, and devotion, is still the gift of you, and the inspiration anyone will be happy to build a life with. This is the power and strength you are giving up when you accept an excuse and forgive without sound reason and redemption.
Once you give up power, you lose strength. You lose value and self-worth. You lose confidence and belief. From there, it’s just a matter of time. Power is the golden ring of all relationships. Once the circle is broken, and deceit set in, coming back from such tragedy is nearly impossible, especially if the root of the problem have only compounded the relationship with more complex problems.
Happy is knowing without a doubt who you are and what you want to be. It is your god given right on earth. No one has the right to take that away from you even in a relationship. In a relationship you can only give another the right to share with you. And that is only given out of respect, admiration, trust, honesty, and devotion, the whole of you and who you are. Relationships are partnerships, and not ownership. One can never define another in a relationship, only share in their glory, because that’s where the value of substance lay.
We can only find happiness in the bridge of self. The point of happiness is the defining of your soul. One can give you astounding joy and inspiration, but the happiness of self starts with you, the attraction, admiration, joy, and confidence that you share in a relationship. A relationship is not the whole of you. It is a shared venture of trust, loyalty, honesty, and devotion. It is of mature consent. We can only go into a relationship blindly, with the caring of our heart. This is where the choice lies. To be honest and true, or live with self-deceit. 
Trust, loyalty, honesty, and devotion is the true narrative of any relationship. It is the one true thing that gives it power and life. Forsake any element with deceit, dims the light. These elements is the only thing that can generate true power. They are the anchor to enrichment and prosperity. True power in any relationship stands of defense because in enactment of trust, loyalty, honesty, and devotion, an emotional Fort Knox is built. Emotions have been tied together. One thought can transfer to another. A smile is transcending. Passion is vital, strong, and real, and forever reaching new heights. The connection to your partner is a worthwhile lively venture that is the crest and defining inspiration of mutual happiness.
Access would leave you to believe that happiness is in the mirror. It is not. Access would leave you to believe it is in the finest fashion. It is not. Access would leave you to believe it is in money. It is not. Access would leave you to believe it is in the big house, credit scores, and chasing fame. It is not. Access is a slave master.
The moral value of any human being is the right to freedom in any form. And the structure of liberty and salvation, is to work hard, build your kingdom on earth, and leave a proud footprint as your gift and contribution to humanity. Liberty, salvation, and contribution are three elements to true life. They are the true things that define our soul and make us who we are.  This misconstrued in any way is not freedom.
That what we stand for is who we are. Humanity is in the gift of each individual. Life is given to us, but its path, is not. A brain is given to us, but the knowledge we fill it with is not. There once was a time when a fresh nourished brain woke to the morning sun, open the curtains, kissed the sky, and thanked God with a smile. There once was a time a man romanced a woman, fell in love, and built a baby making happy world together. There once was a time that a person’s grace, style, and sophistication made them unique, and not the outfit. There once was a time you could sneak off to lunch and have a quickie with you partner. There once was a time you ate breakfast and dinner together as a standard tradition. There once was a time you could look at your partner and know beyond all reasonable doubt that you are truly and utter in love.
Utter true love is to build a world. It is to be somebody. It is to stand for something great. It is the one true power invested in all of us. Some weak, some strong. But as long as you have belief, you have hope. Hope is the flame of motivation. The conscious mind of reason is its guide. I once saw a foreign man. We were friends. We didn’t like each other much. We were both smart. We were both arrogant, and we both had our ways. We like each other’s company because we like to play each other in chess and debate. “Why do you hate people so much?” I asked him one day. “I don’t hate people, only the posers. American rich people. They are not rich, just stupid. Stupid people make me sick. But I can’t complain. You stupid people make me rich. You buy my clothing, you buy my cars, you buy my perfumes, you buy my socks, and even my underwear, and you people think you are smart. Just stupid people.” I never really understood that until later, until the breeding of technology open the doors to access and sucked the world whole.
Humanity was plugged into the beast, altering the structure and order of nature and natural laws. Landlines was replaced by cell phones. Cable gave every home access. Small screens were replaced by big giant screens that set in living rooms to report the daily message in big bright lights. Access was just getting started and evolved into a parallel stream of machine and humanity, without consent, until you signed your blood on the dotted line.
No one sees the small print, nor do they see the big picture. We are the richest country in the world. Yet we have poor in the street. We praise the rich and dysfunctional as heroes, but leave the true heroes of war that have fought for our country lying in the gutter when they return home, and call them crazy. We base our image on our credit score, how much we have, and our net worth. We only supply for our children with material worth, instead of humanity worth. We lie to ourselves. We demean ourselves. We deceive ourselves. And our soul is hollow. This is not a human being. This is a slave, programmed by the beast. Access is granted, and you are at the wheel.
The power of money can consume the soul. Money has never been the problem. It is the access of money, a dinner seating at the table with the beast who likes to fatten you up before the kill. Money was once a handshake, a fair exchange of knowledge and product. It was a gift of hard work and reward. Each person was happy and satisfied. Honest and pure. Now it’s on a little plastic access card, charging you, to keep your money. And if you are a good little trusty, will give you some more money to play with. Of course it’s going to cost you. Nothing really. Just an arm or a leg. And if you are really nice, I’ll even give you a million, to buy everything your heart has ever dreamed of, and all you have to do is give me six five years of your life, eighteen hours a day, working for me. And I’ll even throw in a nice new shiny cage for you to sing in.
Imagine trying to meet and converse with someone an anti-god level. Our hero the thug in Hollywood, made his millions selling drugs that kill, now legit to tell his tale of want not to do. There is a lot of social value there. A man that was a national sports hero for sixty years, hid a dark lie all those years, and now get praise for a living lie of sixty five years, at the end, when there is nothing to lose. What about the sixty five years he lived the lie, and the wake of people in it. I wonder if my Wheaties collector’s box is worth anything? And why are black woman chasing the booty? I thought black women were the definition of nice booty. And what is a Twerk Booty? Brands are the key ignition of access, embedded dress codes, embedded behavior, embedded images, that control and deterrent moral culpability.
Access has given you the power to see the world through the looking glass. It’s embedment a controlling mind and physical source.  Individual source codes flashing constantly and manipulating the brain. Where people have been given the access of kings and queens, and the glory of fame and fortune, and the taskmaster of capitalism, they have not been given moral or educational ability. They are simple branded as working slave puppets, stamped with a net worth tag, given their million dollar reward, and when they are used up, after taxes, the promos, the big lights, and the limo, and they are all used up, and their bright star has finally burned out, they may have enough for cab fare.
Those who stay in the business of deceit sometimes find the burden too great. You would wonder why a person that has it all would sudden put a gun to their head and pull the trigger. A hollow soul answers not life, but the screaming echoes of its victims. It is a heavy burden. Money does not make you educated. Money does not make you smart. Money does not make you moral or conscious. Money cannot buy you happiness. Money cannot buy you a loving and supporting home. But it can buy your soul.
The root of money designs its own way of destiny. If your heart is pure, so is your money. If your heart is evil, so is your money. Money cannot buy pride, it is earned from hard work. Money cannot buy love, naked is the person of loyalty, faith, and devotion. Money can’t redeem the true nature of a person, regardless of how many skyscrapers they hide behind. Money is not corrupt. It is the beholder. It is the trick and the trade of net worth.  
I love Michael Jackson. But I would never want to be in that bird cage. Let’s take our hat off to Joe Jackson. When I saw the picture of him and the young foreign girl he was bedding, I knew he was about to have a stroke. I guess that’s cool, unless it’s your daughter. Motown and artist of greatness are struggling in the streets because they signed contracts with access, and can’t get any royalty payments, after access chewed them up and spit them back out into the streets. It is happening every day. Access that exploit our children, brand them with a net worth, and send them on a world tour to do the bidding.
Uneducated stars are born yearly, calling themselves true artist, put out twenty albums a year, and say they are the greatest of all time, poor uneducated children that have finally got above it all, with all the luxuries of life. Just watch MTV cribs. They come with a million fan scream base. They come with a dialogue coach. They come with a PR person. They come with a stylist. A limo with shuffle and body guard. They come with a team, and family that has their hands out. They come with the trophy partner, and the second phone for the hoochies. They come with access and more access, until the overload. And when they crash and burn, the fall from Egoville is a long and lonely way down, and the only fans they hear screaming, are the illusions still in their head.
History is a testament of time. Look at where are they now. Those uneducated, who grabbed the crown to never be defeated, most often find themselves victims without anyone to hear. People will walk by you, toss you some change, and move on about their business while your records still spin on the airway, and while access still make money off your name. Access needs no body, not when it has already sucked out your soul.
No one starts out with an act of self-destruction. The feeble mind captured by access, most often, are lured by the money, promiscuous bedmates, the big leased homes, the fleet of cars,  the endless wardrobe, the VIP standing, and the ego that comes with the illusion. These are the people we admire. These are the people we look up to. These are the people our children example themselves after. They most often cannot show you a legit, honest way to make money. But they can show you what they have, and if you want it, just don’t get caught.
A child is beat up and bullied because this star set a trend and his mother couldn’t live financially up to it so she bought him Walmart and sent him on his way.  A young boy is killed on the way to school and his gold chain, he got for Christmas, was taken, because a poor kid from the hood though the magic gold chain gave him a rep. A welfare mother is in jail because she killed her child. She let it starve to death because she saw some shoes she just had to have.  A brother killed his brother, over money and disloyalty. Buy any means, access would say. Just get my fucken money.
Prays the rich by any means. Date a porn star, and see how many doors close in your face. But we like porn. We condemn it in the public eye, until you see your partner on the cover of a box with a penis lying across their smiling face. They even give real awards for being professional prostitutes. They just don’t give you a future. How do you take a porn star to see Mom? How do you satisfy a porn star sexually? Many penises on a smiling face is hard to get over. But hey, some are strong enough to get past the illusion. Tracy Lord was. Pamela Anderson was. You have many stars that have crossed over into the real legit zone. Ask the hedgehog, Ron Jeremy. On the side, somebody's daughter is still under him.
So money makes you famous. You have to constantly feed a bunch of screaming ungraceful bastards, who swear up and down they love you and they got your back. But fall flat on your face and see who picks you up. Money most often burn honest relationships, especially to the uneducated and the unwise. With a sub-society ego, who needs friends and family? Your loyalty is to the people, your fans, who you screw every dollar out of to survive and pay your bills. The higher the net worth. The bigger the jet and the bills. Ask Creflo Dollar.  
Money is not substance, value, or morality. As history provides, it is a tool of fair exchange. It is a handshake of honesty and hard work. Money is earned, not exploited.  When you have no credit or resource or money, no one will give you a dime.  They will let you lay in the street of the land and the free, and shiver in the cold. Your time is up. Your net worth is worth zero. And the repo man laughed all the way to the bank.
But the brand still gets paid. Big star shot self in head. Big star, who we admired and loved for years, found hung. They say the girl had a penis. Child star goes to rehab again, and mother needs to go to. Who is Justin Bieber, and what valued hold does he have on your daughter in that underwear ad? If the underwear come with socks now, I may just run out and buy an overpriced pair. Access feeds virtual influence to our children. They are plugged in from the time they get up until the time they go to bed. They pay absolutely no attention, take no advice, and demand their share of entitlement.
Who is this monster the parents say to the child that wills the throne of entitlement. The parent who always says yes and let her child run wild without any restraints or moral latitude. He is the thug in the streets. The street walker you find under a street lamp. The drug deal, and the pimp. The player, and the thief. Make enough money, and your backlog will be picked up in Hollywood, and from poor, uneducated, to Hollywood Star, you may go, all in one breath. A prime example of one of the millions who got pass a jail cell or the crazy house.
I would like a story of inspiration and kindness. A little boy finds a lost cat, takes it home, and gets a quarter. A young man visits his mother, talks to her about the good old times, and picks up a lot of wisdom. A bully apologizes to a kid, buys him lunch, and becomes his protector. I’m tired of seeing Kim. What’s that about? Did Rap God tell her to post a pregnant naked picture? Or was she just trying to break the internet again. Whatever that means? At least she crossed over to the soft stuff. I hate my niece. She smells just like her. Or at least the hundred dollar bottle of spray she makes me get her every Christmas. 
When I tell a child it’s all an illusion, it’s like telling them God doesn’t exist. They pump up their chest, get all in your face, and here come the storm. You don’t know anything. You are old. How would you know how I feel? I don’t need to learn how to cook and clean. I’m going to be rich. I’ve heard them all. And when the storm clears, some child is always laying in the wake. At one time parents took in the wounded and nursed them back to health. Family and friends where there to pick you up. There was always a soft comforting shoulder. There was always a waiting and willing ear. It didn’t matter what you had become. It mattered that you were back home, safe in the security of family and friends, the people that raised you, the people you grow up with, and have built everlasting bonds with. The people you enjoy real life with. Most often, those who acquire fame and fortune, without education, real love, and real support, find the door slammed in their face, even when they come back home bearing gifts of forgiven and sincerity from the heart. Because, most often, it is too late to repair the damage, of a truly broken heart.

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