WORTH by Fiction Writer Anthony Dardn

The value of a person is what they have to offer in substance and morality.
Value and substance is what makes a human being, especially now when old values have been replaced by ambiguousness. The value for which a man stands for a woman in respect, loyalty, and devotion is clouded by receptions of independent woman only accepting high credit scores, ownership, and how much money he has, the aspect of the core relationship that hold no value or substance to intimacy or even building a relationship. Their demand, substance without value. Power and strength is scarified for the here and now, which is irrelevant to prosperity and growth. Respect cannot be obtained from a credit score, ownership, nor money. Loyalty and devotion is not a given. It has to be earned. Intimacy is the soul’s vessel, where one's holds the whole of their being. It is only triggered to share with belief of honesty. If a man or woman believe there is no real respect, he or she will provide you with something other than what they really feels and believe. If a man or woman believe there is no really loyalty, lose can come at any time, even though one would believe they are comfortable in their relationship. If a man or woman believe there is no devotion, they will appease and always have a roving eye.  
All new relationships are diamonds in the rough. The value to any relationship starts with attraction.  Where one goes wrong is applying selfishness and judgement before establishment. Attraction is the catch. Meaning is the foundation, and practical reasoning is its growth. If your first concern in evaluating a man or a woman, is their credit scores, ownership, and how much money, and not the fact that you are not only attracted to the person, and see the diamond in the rough, you are not taking the first step in trust, but categorizing an automatic failure. All Good people do not have money. All good people do not have a high credit score. All good people do not own a home. However, all good people do have the potential to earn and have money, a good credit score, and own a home.
A good relationship starts with trust, honesty, and belief. It needs no additional value beyond what is and how you feel about the person. The true value of a relationship is like building a house. When two people first meet, they have the option to love with their heart and soul. They have the option to build a statuary, an emotional home of respect, loyalty, and devotion one brick at a time. Something you cannot find in money, a good credit score, or owning a home. A home is built from substance and value. It is built with pride of each other. It is built in the trust of loyalty, communication, and devotion. It is something the two build together with their belief and trust in each other. Home is a place where your home is your castle, where you can go to relaxing your mind, rest, and rejuvenate. Home is a place where you can find undeniable support without question. Home is a place where you stand with your partner, against a world that is constantly throwing roadblocks in your path. Home is a place where you take care of each other, look out for the preservation and protection of your family and friends.  Home is a place where you believe in each other wholeheartedly, and can share the physical essence of your being without restraint or doubt. Home is a place where two converge into one, in heart, mind, body, and soul.
The value of a person is what they have to offer in substance and morality. If you believe substance and morality is in money, a good credit score, ownership, and having a good job, you are wrong. There are millions of rich people without a meaningful relationship and will trade all the money in the world to find peace of mind. The chances are, money, a good credit score, and ownership, may land you with a complete loser. Only time can earn trust, loyalty, respect, and devotion. Whether that person is rich or poor, overall, has nothing to do with the value of a person. It starts with the initial attraction and is built from there. If your option to choose, default ambiguously, without applying trust from the start, because you are judging from a vain prospective, your morality is already compromised. It is no way possible to have your cake and eat it too. It is impossible and not of sound reason.
What we bring into a relationship is important. We must first have the ability of sound reasoning. We must first know the honest depth of ourselves in order to share with another. We must know happy in order to achieve it and set goals. No one can make you happy. You can only share in the moments of happiness and prosperity with another, and build from that foundation. If you look to your partner to provide you happiness, you cannot. Happiness with another person can only be attained in coexistence. You cannot change another person. You can only grow and learn, with that person, in building your world of respect, loyalty, and devotion, a united front that is your sanctuary and must be protected at all cost, and to never be forsaken.
Respect, loyalty, and devotion is the only power that can sustain and add emotional prosperity to a relationship. It is the one true power that attaches you beyond material things and offers you a true intimate connection to your partner. It is the one true thing that keep emotions alive and real, without the implications of doubt. It is the one true thing you must want and believe in wholeheartedly when bringing someone in your life, your family’s life, and your friend's life. Finding a partner in life is hard only when you don’t know who you are or the value you have to add to a relationship. If you think it is in money, a high credit score, or ownership, you are degrading your own value. A man or woman wants someone that is about them wholeheartedly, without doubt. A man or woman wants someone that can care and look out for their best interest. A man or woman wants someone that is proud of them, and flourish them with constant admiration. A man or a woman wants intimacy beyond the bedroom. They want it in the process of their everyday life.

Nothing is a given or entitlement. Love is fickle, and if not given direction toward respect, loyalty, and devotion, it will fall to the wayside and become a secondary premise in your life. A secondary premise, chosen over the sanctuary of your relationship, relinquishes your power, growth, and prosperity.  When happenings in life overshadow your goal of exclusiveness, it is up to you and your partner to get things back on track with practical reasoning, communication, and commitment. If not, your relationship will deteriorate and leave you open to doubt. And even if worse came to worse, you will have given your honest value. You will have acted of morality and sound reasoning. You will know who you are and will stand for who you are. You will know of your happiness and the gift of your heart. But the most important part, is knowing the strength and substance of your personal power as a human being with high moral altitude and undying belief, this not only makes you unique, but a self-sufficient partner, whose liberties cannot be brought or sold, and will always be ingrained in you, even when you are walking out the door of a unhappy relationship.

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