Behind the White Picket Fence..... Coming January 2016

Behind the White Picket Fence
This suspense thriller is based on a True Story of how a former Bank Robber and Jailhouse Lawyer, turned honest stay at home dad, gives his narcissistic wife enough rope to hang herself when she unwittingly tries to file for divorce, only to find herself trapped in a pit of self-deception.  

Sonny Martinsteen Phillips, the ultimate alpha male, newlywed, and once a renowned Bank Robber and Strip Club owner, became a stay at home dad with the persuasion and encouragement of his beautiful wife Cyn. He couldn’t go back to his old ways. He had lost enough time in prison. This was a new life, a new beginning. He had a chance to prove to everyone he was a changed man. It wasn’t uncommon. This day and age, men stay home. What else was he going to do? Plus he was a good stepdad to her three year old daughter. No matter his skills, no one of good standing was going to take a chance on a former bank robber. Cyn did not mind being the breadwinner of the house, she assured him with relentless passionate. Then he woke up one day, eighteen years later - after an honest try at conventional life and marriage, after raising Cyn’s daughter and sending her off to college, after making Cyn wealthy in the process - with divorce papers delivered with his morning coffee. He only smiled at Cyn’s assumption of divorce. Evidently she didn’t know him too well. After shutting down her high priced mouthpiece with a fair warning shot, he gives Cyn one last chance. Be loyal or fall. It did not matter to him. He had nothing to lose. As much as he loved her, he knew, deep down, destroying her was the only way.

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