Flying Blind


© 2016 Fiction Writer Anthony Darden 

Honesty, Trust, Loyalty. 
They are the foundering rule.They are the rules that put all your theories to the test.They are the rules you build on.

Every relation has problems. It is natural because we have two individuals attempting to merge as one.  After the novelty of a new relationship, reality at some point must be addressed. The smart move, and determining if this is what you really want, you are going to have to be honest with yourself first. I know a lot look beyond the small things that bother us. Especially women, who believe they can  straighten up and change the man in their life. And it is true to a certain degree, if that partner is adapted to change. In love, anything is possible. And if that change is to prosper and encourage enrichment, with the understanding of the two, it is a step in the right direction. Visa Versa.
If you are sincere, there must be some ground rules. Honesty is the first step.  Trust is the second step. And Loyalty is the third. They are the foundering rule. They are the rules, that if the course is held, they will get you through the trying times. They are the rules that put all your theories to the test. They are the rules you build on.
Attraction and lust may have been the springboard. But without honesty, trust, and loyalty, the heart is going to need more to operate from. Attraction and lust only bring moments that leave you exposed to the roaming eye. There is no value in attraction and lust, beyond the lust, if you do not establish ground and build on the romance that has enlisted your heart. A foundation is needed to implement  understanding. To meet heart to heart and set regulations and goals. To build your strength and power. To know that what you are putting into it is real and true. Power demands a sacrifice to exclusive. You can only do that by putting in the work. Only then can your power proper and grow. Only then can you understand and know what direction your relationship is going in. Without knowing, you are flying blind and hopeless, like sixty-five percent of couples who have not stood the root of the course and now suffer from the snowball effect.     

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