Something Great by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Something great
Harness the power of love & live
Fiction Writer Anthony Darden
Love is a power in itself. We all feel it. We all desire it. Its power is great and vast. There is no other power greater on earth. However, what is it to you on a personal level, beyond what you can feel and dream? Some say it is beyond control. It is true. Some say you cannot choose who you love. It is a matter of the heart. It is true. Though we feel, and what we do with those feelings, are a matter of will, faith, and what we learn and believe. Those four elements are the very thing that inflames and keeps love alive. Because they are from the purest form of our nature.
We all like to think we know about love. We go in guns blazing, and the next thing we know, we are crying into a pillow. Love hurts. It’s painful, sometimes unbearable, and has even drove people to the brink and end of disaster. Yet, we jump right back in it, guns blazing. Foolish heart. Loving every minute of it. It’s in our nature. It’s how we thrive. It’s what we live and dream. So why not understand the essence of its power that is within you, dwelling, and waiting to mature.  
Like anything of great value, it has to be cultivated and earned. After the novelty of being overwhelmed, and not being able to keep your hands off each other, reality at some point must set in, especially if you are sincere about long-term goals and building a bright and productive future together. That reality must initiate honesty, faith, and belief. These elements are the sole foundation and growth of your power. They must be maintained at all times, no matter what, through the good and the bad, in the change and evolution of your development. It is also important to understand, that even in failure of your partner, does not diminish the depth of your honesty, faith, and belief in love.
We cannot control another. And sometimes, what novelty has brought to the table, once reality has unwrapped it, doesn’t work out. A contiguous and sometimes heart breaking experience. The old saying goes, if you have never experienced a broken heart, then you have not experienced love. And the great one, it’s better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all.
Heartbreak is defining.  In all, it makes us who we are. The strong pick up the pieces and chalk it up as a lesson earned. The weak sometimes falter. But the heart is a beating live entity. It is strong and resilient. And with the support of true friends and family, it is unstoppable. Honesty, faith, and belief still remains, though a little shaken. Because it was not your partner who defined you in your past relationship. It was a gift of self you served at the table. The gift of your honesty. The gift of your loyalty. The gift of your trust and belief. All this is still of you, the gift of your power. Defined within, and maturing like fine wine. Because if there is anything about love, we must first learn to love ourselves. It is the one true gift you can bring to the table, honest and pure of nature, with the light of hope in your eyes. Only then is it a fair and honest beginning, and the start of something great.

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