THE END OF THE ROPE ©Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

©Fiction Writer Anthony Darden
Love is like a light bulb. 
It’s no good if you don’t have enough electricity to generate power.

I would like to think people are adaptive to change and progress, especially when their errors in judgement have caused them lose. You would think they would want to take the high road, the strength and wisdom they have learned, and apply it economically to build back up the resources and belief of their relationship. You would think, two intelligent people could come to one single agreement. But contrary to what we would like to believe, understanding is most often invalid, when one’s mind has already been fully vested far beyond your scope.
My ex-girlfriend, who claims to dislike me, but spends the day pushing my buttons, argued the point. She is good at that. I know it. Have been through it a million and one times. This morning, after rolling out of bed, to whip her up  breakfast and a fresh cup of coffee, I should have known it was coming. It doesn’t take much to get her started. This morning the topic was about sticking to the root of a problem. Her thing, because you did this, because you did that. And I must confess, yes, I may have done all those things. But if you think I’m the problem and should take the blame, I think you are sadly mistaken. Our words wasn’t always that nice. I’m one to blow like a tea kettle. To some degree, a good debate is stimulating. But not to my ex. It’s an all-out assault to her person and integrity.  So much so, it’s; I can have any man I want. I would have no problem getting a new man. So the cycle goes.

For me, it’s always back to the root of the problem. You can argue anything you want. And the chances are, most likely you are right most of the time. But the augment usually comes after the fact, after the root of the problem have been skipped over and ignored, and another problem have rolled off that. That’s my ex’s line of defense and running reasoning. So now my job is to stop the tree from growing out of control and running every which way but loose. I have to deal with all these little problems and try to work my way back to the root, in hope of putting this puppy to rest. 

Easier said than done when the wall I’ve built with the things I’ve adversely done has closed the door. Even a sledgehammer won't budge it. So trying to reach or get an understanding is like trying to pull the teeth of  saber tooth tiger. There is only one way back, I insist. Accountability and responsibility. In my book, actions speak louder than words. They come equipped with a full understanding of who you are and what you want from the relationship. I would say that’s how most normal relationships start. People start with a clear understanding of what they are getting into and want to achieve. They make plans, they set goals, and they steer their destiny as best as they can. That’s the beginning of any normal relationship. At least I hope so.

People that are intimate, claim love, and want to spend their life together are bound by rules. Intimacy is a personal thing, a statutory shared and harvested by the two. It is the treasure and secret of their life together. Bond by their heart and soul. It is where their honesty, trust, dignity, and pride derive from. It is what keeps their relationship healthy and strong, and unbreakable. It is real because it is built from value that has been earned. Love is like a light bulb. It’s no good if you don’t have enough electricity to generate power. 

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