A Beautiful Death by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Contrary to popular belief, when things go bad, we have to look at the substance and value. In love, and fighting to suppress what we really feel, can take its tow. Our emotions are intangible, crying for help, yet, giving of nothing against the one thing that makes us whole. Our heart. Hurt and pain prevents us from sometimes seeing straight. And we don't always act in accord. Sometimes we find that what we think is right and just, may just be unjust. In love, it is hard to say. I love you one minute. I hate you the next. It most often come into play. Loving someone and feeling they do not love you the same can push you into a lone and lonely sense of deprivation. It can even push you over the edge. It is sad, but it is true. History has played the song over and over again. Samson and Delilah. Romeo and Juliet. Just to name a few. But yet we want to believe. We want to believe that what we have and feel is real and true. And when it turns against us, it is hard to understand. It is hard to believe that something so beautiful can go so bad. We keep telling our self no. We want to believe we can get through it. We are the exception. All along going on nothing but hope and belief. But often, when the lines of communication have been severed, and assumption run its course, what we thought was, is most often, not the case. 
When I love you becomes less prevailing to reason and actions, it is often daunting and even scary, especially when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. And the worst thing we can do is feed into the deception. Because the hurt that we intend against deception, often comes back to haunt us. Taking an immoral stand finds no salvation. It only brings more pain and more deception. And in the end, you not only pay the price, but lose on both ends. I'm sorry is no longer acceptable no matter how genuine it is. I love you falls upon deaf ears. The pain caused, is the pain rendered. If what you had is not true and real, there is no coming back from it. 
The substance and value of a person is who they are, and not their actions. If it was, they wouldn't be human. No one is perfect. No one is beyond approach. A reputation is nothing but veil access. It only takes a moment's notice to shatter. What is real about a person takes years to cement and clarify. Even in the bad it comes shinning through. Because no matter what, the truth of who we are will eventually come shining through. 
Those that toill in deception, will eventually wake with a scream and an unhinged heart. With no moral constitution, love will become nothing but a whim of distractions. They will smile. They will laugh. They will even put on a first class show. But at night, even in the arms of another, love will find its way between the sheets and render hopelessness, and the void, will become unfillable. Unless a person has true justification, the reasoning will become null and void. They can say what they want. They can do what they want. But without true reason, meaning, and purpose, they cannot escape their self deception. And eventually, it will eat them alive.
When one has fell from grace, a moral fortitude is needed to mend the broken wings. We must access, take inventory, and be real and honest. Don't look back, but move forward, no matter how painful it may seem. Because at the end of a beautiful death, is a beautiful life. As long as there is a hopeful heart. 

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