Tarnishing the Soul

Faith is a hell of a thing. The laws of nature sometimes stand against us in the most strangest and irrational ways. What we see, may not necessarily be the truth. How we feel, may not necessarily be how we feel. Where there is conflict, there is chaos. And when the storm becomes more than we can take, frustration can either turn us, or we can use that frustration constructively and productively. Though, either way, the laws of nature stay the same. What you put out comes back in karma. To sustain and survive, truth must be the anchor. Because, without the truth, what can you sustain. If your actions are in adverse, it is only a matter of time before karma catches up to you. Lies will tend to fester in the conscious. It will not only affect you emotionally, but physically. Dreams of pleasantries will eventually become nightmares of sleepless nights. Health will slowly, eventually decline. Good days will slowly tune into bad days. Emotional rescue will find the arms of lovers without means or purpose. And in the end, loneliness will finally catch up. Even in a room full of people, cannot fill the hurt, the pain, and loneliness. And as long as one continue to lie, the deeper into the abyss. When one cannot accept the truth, it is a daunting thing. Especially when their path leaves a wake of destruction and karma finally comes knocking.  It is sad when something so beautiful turns and runs for the fence, thinking the grass is greener on the other side, when in fact, the truth would have brought them untold riches that are more valuable than all the money in the world. Love is more valuable than money. Trust is more valuable than money. Family is more valuable than money.  And when you find that someone special and they give you their heart, embrace it with everything you have. Nourish it, and it will become something great, pure, and untouchable. True love is a very rare thing. And if you find it and lose it, it will indeed tarnish your soul.

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