BAGGAGE AND UNRESOLVED EMOTIONS by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden


We can’t turn back time. Nor can we repair it. Especially in relationships. Sometimes things we say and do are engraved forever. And no matter what we say or do, cannot change time. The only hope and option is moving forward, taking heed to our actions and mistakes, and being accountable for them that we don’t make the same mistakes again. Those that do not take heed are doom to repeat. They will continue to be unresponsive and unaccountable. And the sad thing about it, they are unaware and will continue to push the blame and responsibility on others. In the end, those same misgivings will fall upon them, not only mentally, but also physically.
Unresponsive and unaccountable people will not only hurt you, but they will also hurt them self and their family. They will try to convince you that you are wrong. They will turn friends and family on you. They will do anything to seize the stage and present you as something that you are not. They are known to say one thing, smile and put on a good show, and in the same breath, tear you down, and even try to destroy you. Especially if they feel they have lost control.
Their main source and motivation most often comes from outside forces. Because where the truth lies at home, and through family and friends, outside sources are the very corporation they need to survive and motivate them. They most often are caught up in workplace romance, where they spend forty percent of their time. Workplace romance have destroyed millions of families. Because people only see the best of you, until they actually get personally involved. And the problem with workplace romances, if they go bad, you have to deal with public embarrassment. Who wants to go to work knowing that you have to see the person everyday and they are whispering behind your back that you gave up your marriage and family for something that is not really tangible. It is sad because people do it everyday. They destroy their family and their loved ones all because someone gave them attention, that most often, turn out to be nothing but a booty call or an attraction that can turn dangerous and even deadly.
The point to this is, if someone knows you are in a relationship, and they pursue you anyway, it is unethical on every level. If they can lead you down a path that would have you turning your back on your own family, they are not to be trusted and sooner a later, they will do it again. Only next time, you will be on the receiving end, and it could even cause you your job and or life. And what does that say about your own character, to be so deluded you would destroy your own family and lie to your family and friends to save faith.
A high moral ground is the substance to life. Who we are and what we want out of life is defined by our belief and how we feel about our self. Even in a bad relationship we hold our value and self worth. Only people of a lower creed find value and substance in others, and not of self. People with low self-esteem and low self worth will leech onto a prays. They will suck it all in, stand proud and strong, until the hollowness screams with emptiness and the reality sets in.
You cannot go from one relationship to another without paying a physical and emotional price. Not unless you have cleared out all the old baggage, know the value, substance, and meaning of your self worth, and truly ready to move on. If not, in the back of your mind, will always linger the doubt. It may not be today. It may not even be tomorrow. But it will be. And most times, you will not see it coming because of suppression. But be assured, if you leave a relationship with unresolved emotions, those emotions will find you. Even if it is in the arms of another lover.


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