KINDNESS AND LOVE by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden
The most valued commodities in the world

What does it take to have an honest partner these days? Is the deck stacked against sincere honest people who wear their heart on their sleeve? With the new breed of people that are raised with little substance and value, it is getting increasingly hard to find a sincere partner who loves you for you, for better or worse, for rich or poor, and sickness and health. Today’s relationships come with outrageous and unfounded stigmas. It’s like going to a job interview. It is no longer personal. Business first, and then a maybe. They most often have to test the sample out first. Even if you are a good, or even great person, if you do not fit the bill, it is over before it even gets started. Any club you go to, or even just out on the town, you can hear the whispers. “If he ant got a car. If she can’t cook. If their credit is bad.” It goes on and on. Don’t matter if you look good and on the rise to success and want a good partner to help you get there. If you don’t have it now. It’s a wrap.
People are over compensating, living beyond their means, just to impress, just to swag and front like they really have it going on. And the truth, most don’t. Most are struggling just to pay the next car note. Even today people feel the need to compensate on their looks. Weaves, Botox, butt injections, breast implants, hair pins, teeth caps, and so on. Have to wonder who you are really waking up with.
People today have no core values. Loyalty has long gone out the window. The only loyalty is to the all mighty dollar, credit scores, and material possessions. So they can front. For who you have to wonder, especially if they are already in a relationship. God forbid they put on their good clothing and makeup for their partner. That wear is strictly for fronting and impressing.
So much  access and so little time. Everything moving ten times as fast. Today you see a couple, prefect together. The next day, what happen? Under the hood was a whole different story. A world of vanity has been bestowed upon us. If you don’t have the look and the bank to go with it, you are on the outs. Doesn’t matter that you are a good person with tons of potential. No one is willing to stick around for something they cannot see and feel. Everyone wants now, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.
The world is growing increasingly sad. No refuge or salvation. Families torn apart. Lovers and friends misguided. The core value of family looking out and taking care of each other is becoming more and more a myth. A thing of the past that once inspired wisdom, strength, and motivation, has been replaced with egotism, greed, and self preservation. People will step over their own family to get to the top. And when they fall, there is no safety net. Just straight to the bottle, in the pit and bed of snakes that reveal their own deception.
Kids today are raised to believe they are special. Not in the good sense, where true core value is their lead and motivation. But in the sense of grandeur and entitlement, outside of those core values that make them accountable and responsible, that was once passed down from family generation to family generation. And you wonder why our children are on antidepressants and all sorts of other drugs. Drugs to alter the chemistry of their brain. Drugs to sleep. And even drugs to function.
Parenting has become much harder and demanding, especially with both parents working day in and day out, trying to keep up and stay ahead. And the only thing they have to offer their child in monetary gain and not emotional support. So when things go wrong, and the parent is screaming, “after all I do for you”, when the kid is only really looking for love, really don’t support their need. All the money in the world won't fix a kid with a broken heart. Children need a valued core, something tangible and real. They need to know, if all else fails, they have support no matter what. Not the, “I’ll talk to you later. I have to go to work.” Later, most often never comes, and becomes a mundane motion. Which is the main reason and cause for acting out and turning on you with dismay. It is even harder for single parents that have no choice but to work because they don’t have the resources or support.
Family should be your one and only core value throughout life. What we are, and what we become, starts from the core of family values. Unless you are in a dysfunctional family or a family in crisis. If you are in  a wholeheartedly home with good values and good structure, take heed. Take back your family and it’s control.
There are a million and one distractions. Not like in the old days when things were pretty simple. Kids are much smarter today. So when your kid, family, and loved one comes to you, take the time to listen and learn, no matter if you lose a few bucks in the process. Building a connection is much greater than any monetary gain. Building a strong supporting family core will stand long after the money in gone. Build on the essence, drive, motivation, and strength. Build on something outside this cruel world, a safe haven that is dependable, supportive, and can withstand any storm. Build on kindness and love, the most valued commodities in the world. A family built on these principles are unbreakable, and the lead for your family and future generations. Kindness and love is insuring, building strength and confident to take on the world. But most of all, it is unadulterated, unquestionable, and without a doubt.

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