By Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Love is a fickle thing. It is also the greatest thing in the world. And if you have it, or looking for it, take heed to the value of your partner and what you have to offer. Love is a two way street. And if you come into a relationship looking for happiness, hoping that the person you met is going to change your world, you are in for a great disappointment. Happiness is within. It is what you have to offer your partner. It is the spirit and light you bring to the table. It is part of your attraction and who you are. It is one of the things that draw your partner to you, and you to them. In the sense your partner makes you happy, it is from the kindle of your spirit. It is when they hold you, touch you, kiss you, and let you know that they are behind you one hundred percent. Those are the things that make you happy, knowing someone cares, and gives you their heart and soul. It picks you up, lift you on a higher plain, and gives you the confidence to take on the world. This is the one thing you must heed, that true value that you are loved and supported one hundred percent. When you have someone in your life that you know is true to you and will do anything in the world, the last thing you want to do is get complacent and take your relationship for granted. Attraction may have been the catch. But defining growth and structure is the longevity. Open communication is the first step. If you have never set down and talked to your partner about dreams and goals, you should do so. Because if you are talking about building a long lasting future, dreams and goals must be implemented. You must understand your partner's dreams, and your partner must understand yours. It is imperative.  No one is a mind reader. You cannot speak your partner's emotions, and your partner cannot speak yours.
Beyond attraction, communication is your first power. It is your strength to answers and reason. It lets you know where each other stand at all times. It keeps up with progress and change. It keeps you connected and sure. It’s comfort and takes away any doubt. It is assuring, and should never be pushed aside, even if you don’t feel comfortable, because it is the one thing that will make you stronger, and solidify your relationship.
Relationships are personal and private. They are between two people. When you invite people into what is suppose to be a closed circle, you are asking for trouble. Friends, family, and loved ones, are there for support in time of need, not directives. If you need directives, the chances are you have lost the connection of communication and most likely are in distress.
In any relationship and building a life, your partner must come first, above all and anything. Just as you must come first in his or her life. You must be honest with each other in order to build trust. You must be fair and just with each other, to build confidence, even when you cannot agree. You must respect each others views and option, even though they may not be on the same page.
Power is glory in love. It is the steps you take in solidifying the strength and power of your love. Love is not a given. Attraction is the catch, but love, it is a hard road to walk. It requires devotion, that is sometimes impatient, trying, and even heartbreaking. It requires loyalty, even when in doubt. And the worst thing couples can do is categories their relationship with catchphrases, like: “everyone has problems”, “this is common in relationships”, “everyone goes through a rough patch”, and so on. Every relationship is unique and a diamond in the ruff. Every relationship is special. Defining may sometimes be hard and trying. But if you can make it through, glory is the strength and power of your love. A true example for the world to see, and take heed of its beauty.

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