PIgeonholing by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

The world doesn't stop. Even when we think it does. 
Ⓒ2016 Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Sometimes things just doesn't go the way we want them to. But the real challenge is, even when we come upon adversity, we have to wade our way through the storm. We not only have to think about the present, but also think about the future. We must be brave and strong. We must be honest and sincere. We must make decisions accord to our belief and faith. 
The greatest power is our strength and defiance. When in pain we most often must learn to walk again. Not only emotionally, but physically. And this can only be done by accessing our strength and belief with sometimes hard realities, realities that not only ask of our pain and hurt, but of the well of our strength that is often needed to carry us through. 
When emotionally damaged, the last thing one can do is surrender their emotions to something that seems to be better or greater, something that is subsidizing to get us through. Because in the end, what we thought was greener on the other side, most often comes back to haunt and hurt us. Although we may seem to need it to get us through the hard times, are not really designed for reality and the way we really feel. This that we think is a prize and blessing, may just turn out to be your worst nightmare. 
It is sad when pain and hurt make us make hash and unhealthy decisions. Decisions that have adverse effects  instead of good. In this state of mind, we see and hear things differently. We are fused by anger. We run to others to vent and criticize. We fall deeper into the black hole of our emotions that render nothing of substance. We run rapidly as we can from the pain and hurt. And most often, into the arms of another, where in the end, arms that pigeonhole us with regret and resentment. 
If one is to find salvation with another, they must first be cleansed of their emotional baggage. They must take to the table sincerity and honesty. The must be wholeheartedly, secure, and have no doubt. They must know that the next step is forward, and not just a urgent need to take away the pain. And they must leave, all that what was, behind with no regret, that most often, has a way of pulling you back in. 
Baggage is a hard road to travel. You take one step forward, that often end in two steps backward. You find yourself hearing things, questioning, doubting, confiding adversely, and eventually chasing off anyone in your path. Baggage can also make you physically sick and impotent. It is draining and daunting. And if not checked at the door, will eventually destroy you from the inside out.
Of clear conscious, we find vitality and strength. We see the road clearer and only surround ourselves with people that truly help us and not hinder us, people that are of good grace and ask for nothing in return but the purity of your heart. We find strength and power to not only move forward, but in defining a better us, equipped and ready to take on the world.  

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