Sonny Hopson: The Mighty Burner by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

As they say in the biz. "You don't know, you better ask somebody." And if you don't know Sonny Hopson,  you've been under a rock, or if you are black, you've been out of touch with your heritage and the Mighty Burner who help form the sound of Philadelphia. Sonny was one of the first black DJ's to cross over the color line. The flamboyant, charismatic, handsome DJ, was a rule breaker and reinvented the role of DJ. "Make no mistake-ah. Jake-ah", the Mighty Burner's smooth and intoxicating voice perked up ears, woke up slumbers, and put the boogie back in Soul-less feet. From 1965 to 1986, on WHAT 1340AM, Sonny wasn't only one of the great legendary DJ's of his time, he also ran his own club and record label, and was a gifted song writer and crooner. The hidden gem of Philly fought for us to be on commercial radio, and gave us a voice for the Vietnam War. And certainly had his personal view on Mr. Tricky Dick himself ( President Nixon). Sonny was a force to reckon with, and "no" wasn't in his vocabulary. Sonny touched and changed millions of lives. He not only opened the door for blacks and gave us a voice and great opportunities to be proud of, but also helped whites as well who took on his cause, and stepped back, and gave Sonny room to "do what he do." Or in this case, to do what he did. 
Now, 80, and still sharp as a thumb tack, the legend is humble and gracious, not only for his great career, but for those who have accepted him into their lives, who still hold the torch, and know that this magnificent man is much more than an icon. He is a legend. Immortal. And will never be forgotten.

                               Sonny Hopson, 2016, Legendary DJ and innovator.
                                                     "Now you know"
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