That Sad Old Song

I love my girl. There is something so beautiful about her. First there is that smile and that ringing laughter that chimes like a church bell, loud, clear, and addicting for the world to here. Then there is her beauty, so unadulterated shameless appealing. Then there is her character, so rich and lively, calling upon my senses and wantoning desires. Everything about her calls out my name. The kind of woman every man dreams of.  The fire, the spirit, so wild and free. The years of support, loyalty, and dedication only heighten my desires. Then something changed. I don't know what. Nor can I grasp it. Overnight all that I thought was, was no more. Her eyes stop smiling. Her touch just became a touch without the emotional charge that once electrified me. Devotion and dedication became void. Somewhere else out there, seemed to be her mind. That old O’Jay song - Your body’s here with me, but your mind is on the other side of town. And no matter what I did, I could not reach her. She seemed to be too far gone, and there seemed to be no way back. My words fell on deaf ears. My arms were met with reluctance. Even my caring for her saw no gratitude or appreciation. It seemed she was there, but not there. A stranger, controlled by what or who, I don't know. But I do know it had nothing to do with us, our life. Somehow, somewhere, the course of us had strayed from the beaten path. It became more about I, mine, and an extension of influence far beyond my reach. The strength and power of love had been somehow swept away. Anger and resentment became the flag. No surrender, no mercy. Something that was once so beautiful was now something I did not understand, or care to understand. Because I didn't want to let go of the beauty that was so dear to my heart. Because I refuse to believe otherwise. Years of investment and serenity trains the heart and mind. It inspires, and at the end of the tunnel, you can always see hope's light. We want to believe. We want to understand. But sometimes, when reality slaps you in the face, and your last emotion has been snuffed out, there is nothing to do but sing that sad old song.

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