THOSE THINGS THAT ARE MISSING by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

I’ve have always been a caretaker. I’ve always considered other people's feelings before my own. Especially when it comes to my family. Caretakers are very highly motivated and particular people. My grandmother was a grand example. She was the one that I always ran to in time of need. No matter what, right or wrong, she was there. I had to hear her mouth for a while. “Boy when we get home. Boy, have you lost your mind.” Boy this; Boy that. But she was always there. My protector. My feeder. Always a warm bed and comfort. She was the kind that would raise hell for you, but behind closed doors, you knew you were in real trouble when you got home. And dare say something out the side of your mouth or interrupt her while she was talking. That look. That is all she needed, that look that  can bring a grown man down. That was respect. Which is one of the things missing. Respect is a thing of substance and value, something ingrained, something you never forget. Not like today where children look at older folks and push them to the side or disregard anything they have to say. One time I heard a kid say, “I hate old people.” Whatever happen to the love and respect, the wisdom and guidance one can learn from?
Another thing that is missing is the security and strength in relationships. Whatever happen to falling in love, building a foundation together, and conquering the world together. Where couples was about each other due or die. When you could trust your partner and know without a doubt they were doing the right thing. Today, it’s about what you got, what you can do for me, and discontented values with no moral or ethical foundation. A hollow house of empty promises that can crack at any time.
Another thing that is missing is parenting. Whatever happen to the strength of parenting, where both parents each gave equal care in the providence, upbringing, and the morality of the kid. Today parents pop them out, palm them off, and wonder why there is disrespect and chaos in the home. It is equally sad when parents use their children as a pawns, and don’t understand that when you teach a child to disrespect the very person that loves and cares for them, it trickles down to their future relationships. Parents must lead by example. They must be the pillar of strength. They must be the lead example. They must protect their child's well-being and health at all times. Because what you put out, they pick up and carry it on to their kids, wife, or husband. And if they are not equipped to deal with real life issues of salvation, they will falter.
Another thing that is missing is compassion, empathy, and kindness. Especially with couples. When they are fine, the world is their oyster. But let a split happen, or something go wrong, they are going for the jugular, dragging each others name, and doing God knows what to take each other out. And end up, most often, carrying that baggage over to their next relationship and then wonder why they keep failing at love.
Too many people want love without earning the devotion, trust, and respect. To many people think love and salvation is in a paycheck and material things. To many people are disconnected and just going through the motions. Smiling and acting like they are happy, but in reality, lonely and hurt deep down inside and hoping that that white knight will come and save them from their misery.
Too many people think they are special, that they deserve better, or that there is a higher calling. They are not. No one is special. Everyone comes from the same seed of the earth. And when it is all said and done, that is where you will return. The only thing that makes a person special is the gifts of life they have to offer to the world, their family, and friends. That is what elevates a person and the quality of their life. Kindness and a good heart, with devotion and trust should be one’s anchor. Because even if things go wrong, those are the pillars of strength you rely on to get you through the hard time and heartache. A good heart will carry you a lot further in life, than a black heart that is lined with anger, hatred, and resentment. It gives you something to offer. It redeems your faith and belief. It gives you the power to stand back up, learn, and take that wisdom down the road, that it can be passed off as strength and power to your family and friends.  That is what life is all about. Building a foundation of strength and power that will last forever. The key to immortality is not in physical life. (At least not yet. Who knows what some brainchild will come up with in the future.) It is in what you have now and leave behind for your family, loved ones, and friends. It is that delicate impression you leave behind. Because whether you meant something or not, people are going to still talk. The words and memories of your life should be scripted like the 10 Commandments. A pillar of strength and salvation your family and friends should look upon in time of need and or, just for a smile.  

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