by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden 
Some people you cannot help. Even when staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.
The world is full of disturbing things. It is hard to pick up the newspaper without reading something vile and heartbreaking. We learn that humans can be heartless and cruel, not having empathy or the moral capacity to feel for one another. Some of the things you read in the newspaper is outright heartbreaking. The level of brutality, the sadistical behavior, the moral incompetence, and the astonishment of not even caring. And in most cases these heinous acts are committed by family or friends, people that you love and care for. A dark side we never saw, or believed it was possible. Ever so in denial, we still don't want to believe. We tell our self that it’s not real, that the person we love and care for just may have got something twisted in their mind, and it was a one time thing. Morally constituted people have a built in idiosyncrasy for forgiveness. They wear their heart on their sleeve. They are the most caring and giving. They will do anything in the world for you. It is in their nature. Even when done wrong, they will not give up their hope and belief. And never will they turn their back on you. 
It is heartbreaking when you see someone you love, care for, and believe in, take that lonely road down the path of destruction. You would think and hope that you can somehow reach them, protect them, and pull them back into the arms of comfort where you know they are safe and sound. You would think somehow logic would click, and instantly they would wake up, see the light, and run back into the arms of salvation. You would think, wish, and even pray. 
Some people you cannot help, get to, or reason with. No matter how much love you display, no matter how much reason you preach, no matter how much caring, affection, and compassion you give, they simply cannot be reached. Even when staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. They most often are people without the fortitude of responsibility or accountability, things that build our character and our strength, that define us in the long run and make us who we are. Things that make us humble and vibrant with life. Everything that happens to them is because someone else did it, or if this wouldn’t have happen, state of mind. Someone is always out to get them, someone is always throwing roadblocks into their path. Never a thought of acceptance or atonement. Yet, from their situation, when adversity rise against them, they scream foul and bloody murder, and will recruit anyone that is listening to fight their cause, not caring that their actions has left a scorn disdain. 
We know the world is full of hard knocks. Even history that has warmed us, and made repeated examples, is most often useless and vain. Because people believe they are above reproach, they can do it without consequences, and lack the logical reasoning. No one is above reproach. No matter how shifty or crafty you may think you are. If you live by deceit, deceit is your ultimate fall, or the cage you shall dwell in. Deceit harbors malicious intentions and leave no room for errors. And once exposed, it’s like the domino effect. Every lie in front of it comes crashing down.  
Power and grace is in substance and value, something tangible, real, and true to the heart. It is our philosophy and meaning of life, something  we strive for, struggle with, and fight to become. And although we may sometimes fall, belief, dignity, and pride, gives us the strength to get back up and continue to move full speed ahead. What makes us great is the ability to stand strong and proud, to overcome all adversities thrown in our path. To dream, believe, and achieve. But most of all, to forgive, humble our self, and respect and care for those who stand against us and find no hope in salvation. 

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