by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden
Practice the ability to let go & open yourself up to new & exciting ventures. 

The greatest thing in the world is falling in love. The saddest thing in the world is falling out of love. It is so complicated. It is relentless and painful. Memoirs brings short lived smiles to pain. We like to say we are alright. We are doing fine. And in some cases, it is true. But if you have every been really, truly deeply in love, it is far from the truth. Some things we just can't let go of no matter how hard we try. 
I've come to the conclusion that getting out of lost love and rising above the pain and heartache, we have to take a hard look at our inner self. We must first accept the reality. That is the hardest part. Because in the back of our mind remain those smiles and dreams. They keep coming back to haunt us. Just when you think you are out, they pull you back in. Anything can trigger them, especially if your relationship was long term. They seem to be the worst. The armor you build up, that strong reason of defiance, cracks the moment you run into that person that had once been the dream and love of your life. You can stand strong, pump up your chest, and even put on that Oscar winning smile. But deep down, you’re feeling the pain. And if you are not constituted enough to push your way through, you may just break down, turn, and get away as fast as you can. 
Getting over lost love takes times. Sometimes years. It suppress our faith and belief. It makes us leery of those who try to enter our life in good faith. It holds us back with a watchful eye. And most times, even when something, real, true, and honest comes along, we are not ready and or can't see it. Especially if you are in the comparing stage. That can be the worst, and the death of anything real. No one wants to be compared to your ex. Nor should anyone be expected to carry your baggage and rescue you from heartache and pain. 
Productivity is the only key at your disposal. We have to stop, think, and refine. Those things that was, have to be let go. That means everything that takes you back and open up old wounds. We must start from scratch. Memoirs need to go in a sealed box. Anything that serves as an attachment to your emotions must go. This would even include your home. Pack up and leave those old hurt feelings behind. No one wants to bring someone new into a home that will eventually stir up resentment. 
Starting fresh is the only way to go. Because then, it is only you. You ensure more confident.You become much stronger and self reliant. Though, the main thing, you practice the ability, daily, to let go and open yourself up to new and exciting ventures. So to, that when you do truly find the faith and belief that has been ripped from your heart, there is nothing to hold you back from your heart's desires. 

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