THE FINAL COST OF DIVORCE by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Dollars, cents, destruction, hardship, and the sad tears of a broken heart.

In divorce, no one wins. Everyone is hurt. Especially if you have been married for a long period of time. Especially when it gets filled with conjunctions and misconceptions. You would hope two people could sit down at the table, be sensible, and talk to each other. At least there should be that much love and respect for each other. But most often, unfortunately, that is not the case. Most divorces are fueled by anger and resentment. They take on a nasty turn and perception. Each individual goes into survival mode. Each individual has their own story to tell of how it all went wrong. And when lawyers get involved, it is no longer about the meaning of truth. It’s about the meaning of money and one's own survival. And the longer it goes on, the harder things become. Especially if you are not financially and emotionally fit to take on the challenge.
Divorce is cruel and unforgiving. It turns good honest people hard and callous, because it adds a level of deception that lawyers consider maneuverability. It also saturates the mind, especially if you are still in love. You tell yourself anything to get over and justify your cause. Such as he or she is cheating. He or she already has a new partner. This and that has been going on all along. There are a number of reasons thrown in the pot. As long as it takes away the pain. But be assured, you are only hunting yourself to live in what you wholeheartedly think, and not the actual facts of what is really going on. Because if someone is so uncaring, and doing all the things you believe are going on in your mind, the truth always comes to light, and indeed, do need to be divorced from the perception and or misconception alone.
The transition of divorce is a time of self awareness. Regaining focus in heart, mind, body, and soul. If your first choice is to run into the arms of another lover, then you are doomed to think so little of yourself. Intimacy is a candid thing. It is your power and salvation. If there is one thing in this world that is total you, that cannot be bought, sold, or taken away, is your intimacy and state of being.
Intimacy is a choice of sharing. It is your power that should never be taken lightly. It is something pure and real. It goes beyond sex and just catching feelings. Anyone can do that. But the craft of love and reaching another plane with your partner, derives from sincerity, trust, devotion, and honesty. It is when you are motivated to give yourself freely without any reservation. Where you know you are safe and secure, and the arms that hold and care for you are your protectors and salvation. It turn, it is where you give the same to insure the bond and its infinity.
The ugly part of divorce, is that it all boils down to money. Nothing else matters in the end, because it is a household split and divided. One becomes two, and the money in between sometimes leaves a devastating trail of destruction. Because, unless you are rich, no one can afford to get a divorce. It by far, leave a wake of tears long after the divorce has been settled. So, if you are thinking about divorce, prepare yourself financially. But most of all emotionally. But even in prep, be prepared to accept the finally conclusion. No one wins, and accountability only comes in terms of dollars and cents, and one's own survival to live, prosper, and move on from the destruction, hardship, and the sad tears of a broken heart.

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