THE HAPPY SIDE OF LIFE by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Guess what folks, I just came off a Florida vacation. Not just any vacation, but if you haven’t been to Orlando Florida at the Vacation Villas at Fantasy World II, or strolling Cocoa Beach where the water is warm, salty as hell - ladies please don’t let your child drink the salt water or get it in their eyes - Where you can float all day looking at the suntanning blue sky, I would say that was a good day. A few shades darker though. 

It wasn’t a planned vacation. And at one point and time I would have politely said no, I have other obligations. But this time, all obligations were null. The ankles chains had been taken off, and I run like a free slave with no regrets. It was one of the best times of my life. And at that point, I realized I had grown a lot. I even felt it in my writing. Where at a time, my writing had been my sword, and my premises had been motivated by hurtful and angry feelings that came with a double edge. And now that reality has set in, I feel calm and at peace. 

Damn! Did I needed a vacation. God knows! My year has been a volley of ups and downs. I could say I won some, and I lost some. That’s the reality of life. Sometimes we have to swallow the hard pill. So, free at last, free at last, I put on my Jesse Owens , and screamed: “Cocoa Beach, here I come.” 

Happy feet did the dance. The land of romance at my feet, and I was sipping brew and Banana Daiquiris in my swim trunks and planning my no plan day accordingly. Like I tell my boy, when he ask me what I’m doing, “I ant got nothing else to do.” That seemed to be my standard line. We sat around and laughed a lot about the old times, when parenting was a switch and a belt, and if you came out of your mouth sideways, and when kids had to respect their parents home, and when you really got in trouble, God help you. 

We spoke about a lot of things. We have a lot in common. He’s laid back like me. It takes a lot to shake him because he’s been there and seen it all. He likes me because I’m his brother from another mother, but a little up to date on technology and cooking. Which makes us a perfect pair. He likes to eat. I love to cook. He had a little phone, I took him over and upgraded him to a notebook.

So, when the vacation comes, there was no question to it. Packed up, mattress on top of van, we hit the highway at 75 miles a stretch an hour. Sixteen hours straight through. Gas, piss, walk the dog, coffee, foods, and a zoom, zoom, zoom. Now when you have four drivers, it’s easy. But my boy, he was on leisure time. It would take a desperate act of God to shake him out of his groove. So I put in overtime. Me and coffee go a long way back, when Krispy Kreme Donuts was just a little doughnut shop on S. Maple Street, right across the street from West Jr. High, in Akron, Ohio, that is now West High Apartments

Back in the day, I drank a lot of twenty-five cent cups of coffee with my Uncle Kenny at 3 in the morning. He figured since I was always in some kind of trouble, I needed to hang with him. So coffee and donuts it was. Back then, I could eat them by the dozen. Now I see a donut, and it’s like the devil and the angle on each corner of my opposing shoulders, gearing up for battle. I would have to say, most of the time, the devil made me do it. So here’s to Uncle Kenny. 

So turns out, when you are in the land of Paradise, you really don’t need anyone but good friends, good company, a lot of fun, great  food, beer, liquor, sand under your feet, (God! You can put me down now), a nice warm pool, and a grill to fire up the night. Not to mention my iPad Air 2  to pump up the old school 100.3. The sun came up with a smile and went down with a smile. From sun up to sun down, I found pieces of myself that had been in the lost and found box too long. I had forgot how it felt to think of no one but yourself. I guess when you are so used to thinking about and taking care of others, it’s easy to lose your soul and forget about the important things and things that make you happy. 

With sand under my feet, a banana Daiquiris in my hand. (After the pool of course and a nice breakfast) it took me back to the happy side of life, where love was blooming in the air, and kisses was life support that danced in hidden corner, necking in the car, parking lots, and on the dance floor. When hands couldn’t get enough, and found sneaky places to be. Where eyes held the light, and smiles and laughter hurt the stomach and cheeks. Where you woke in the middle of the night, naked, and think to yourself, come morning, did I really have sex, or was it just a beautiful dream. Where times were plentiful and a never ending rendition of passion and affection. A sigh and a breath away.  And although I didn’t have that special someone at my side, I was so engrossed in the sites and the beautiful people all around me, it felt like I was standing on the mountaintop looking down, taking in all of God's glory.

I felt whole and at peace. I had cut off my gloomy mind thoughts and ushered in a new and exciting attitude. I thought about how blessed I was to have good people and friends in my life that have picked me up by the bootstraps and embraced me in my time of need, and never let the outside world tarnish my view or turn me cynical. I also realized I have a certain power that I carry in my heart and soul, a gentle kindness that is unwavering and one of the gifts of my nature. Something I have always practiced and lived by. This thing. My friendships and relationships are built with an unbreakable love, that has been cultivated from years of devotion and trust. Me, my friends, and family, have always looked out for each other. And that’s the beauty of it. To have people in your life that you have developed and cultivated real, honesty relationships with, that you know, without a doubt, is true and real. That you know, without a doubt, if you call, they will drop everything and come running. It’s a beautiful thing to be loved, and know that you are loved. So, to unbreakable friendships, this one is for you.

This vacation allowed me to close a lot of emotional, open doors, and open up some great inspiring new ones. I knew if i had not taken the vacation, I would have still been in that bad places and throwing my own little pity parties. But my friends wasn’t having that. Even when I wanted to stay in and relax. My boy with the “boy, get your ass up and come on.” And his wife, constantly throwing a monkey wrench in my plan to sit around and mope.

There was no time to mope. The pools and beaches waited, calling out my name. And the sun threatening to turn my black ass blacker. Good food had to be cooked. And waiting around for my boy’s wife. We laughed about it, and found that the pool was a good waiting place. Early morning breakfast, making the menu for the day, clean up, and head on out into the sun, unless of course, that waiting thing came up again. Then off to Cocoa Beach to end the vacation, but not the dream. Because not only was I blessed with a great vacation, my stats has risen ten folds. I been working on building a network for the last two years. My Pageview on my Blog, which is , went from 2,819 to 14,087. Which in a good thing. It means I can start building core objectives that can lead to a lot of money. Though, as they say: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” But off to a great start after two years of practicing my craft and, no doubt, one of the best vacations I ever had.  

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