Hell hath no fury like a desperate woman scorned

It is sad when you see someone that you love and care for, helped them achieve their dreams and take them out of a bad place, only to have them turn on you with the eyes of the devil. What is equally worse is them turning on your friends and family with malicious and cruel intent, with investment through a two hundred dollar an hour mouthpiece who does them no good but helps dig the hole deeper. I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. But for someone to take an indigent road and say things about you and your friends, to try to look good in the face of their own injustice is very sad, especially when things are unfounded and not true, things they perceive in their feeble mind and need to motivate their anger and perception of you, because they can find no other way to hate you. It is equally sad when they use their family and friends against you to spread lies and misconceptions, people you have raised, loved, and cared for. People you will do anything in the world for.
You would think that if a person is unhappy, they would have enough dignity, pride, and self-esteem to pack their things and move on, especially if they have the money and means. But when you are so deceptive that you would set out to steal, lie, and hurt the other person, karma has a way of setting things right. I have always believed that what you put out there, comes back ten folds. You can only lie for so long until it starts to catch up to you and overrun the deception. As the old saying goes: you tell one lie, you are going to have to tell another. And at one point those lies are going to overrun your life. Lies are hollow and worthless. They hold no meaning or value beyond suppression. And as a good friend of mine says: Pressure will crack a steel drum.
Lies and deception will not only hurt you emotionally, they will eventually deteriorate you physically. They will, in the end, destroy you. You can only dip your finger in the fire for so long, before it starts to burn. Lies are manifestations. You can only run for so long before they catch up to you. And even if they do not catch up to you on the outside, they will on the inside. Because the light that is used to gauge our sensibility, our self worth, and our ethical foundation, will only get darker, until there is nothing left but a hollow void of loneliness and hopelessness.

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