UNSTOPPABLE by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

All mighty power in it’s glory

There is always something remarkable that comes along. Even in the face of adversity. Clarity has a way of waking you up. Sometimes what you think you see, isn’t always what you see. Sometimes it’s just a state of mind. But clarity, that’s a whole different story. And if it gets lost in translation, then he or she that don’t take heed, most often find sleepless nights. A clear choice is one made of conscious thought. Nothing but pure reason. It weights all the facts. It starts at the beginning and watch as the evolution unfolds to the very end. There was once smiles, joy beyond believe. There was a time pain reverberated from one to the next, caring, feeling, emotions that pulled and tugged. It was no breath without the other. Not a moment the mind didn’t render a beautiful moment. It was wild and crazy. Crazy and wild. It was all mighty power in it’s glory. Unstoppable.

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