Our greatest weakness

Our greatest weakness
by Anthony D Darden

We all have our vices. Some greater than other. But our greatest weakness is those that we love, those that have gotten close to our heart and pushes us beyond reason. We like to think we have control. But sometimes we just don’t, no matter what we do or tell our self. Sometimes things are beyond our control. That’s when it really hurts. That is when we can feel it in the pit of our stomach and knocking on our brain. So many sleepless nights. Sometimes the tears just come. It’s unavoidable.
Though, our greatest weakness can be our greatest strength. Change is the hardest thing. The past keeps pulling and tugging. Some nights we just want to give up and give in. We find our self lurking in our mind, tossing one thought after another, viewing and reviewing, trying to make sense of it all. Sometimes overthinking when the truth is plain and clear.  
Clarity comes whether you want it to or not. And the only way to get ahead of it is to take action. Be sure in making change. Understand why you are making change, and the purpose and effect that it will have on your overall life. Because if you let your weaknesses fester on you, they will eat you alive. And before you know it, you’ll be pulling out your hair.
Change is life. Nothing ever stays the same. You can either keep sucking at it, or pick up the pieces, bow out gracefully, and move on to a newer and better you. Once pass hopeless nights, and faced with change, our greatest courage comes from within. It is what we have been living and practicing. It is our hopes and our dreams aspiring to life. Clarity is always that one burst of reality that brings everything full circle; that wake-up call, where change is a must.
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