Who are you fooling even when you seem to have the upper hand. It is pretense. And most often, it ends in tragedy. Because, eventually, exposure is evident. It my not be now. It may take months, and even, sometimes years. But eventually, deception and deceit must pay its dues to the devil. The nature of one's soul is defined by the greatness of their heart. It is the light. It is the motivator. It is the generator of our kindness and good deeds that inspire praise and glory and the blessings of our good fortune. One cannot stand of goodness and rise to greatness in the shadows. It is impossible to be and function as two entities. Just as a wolf cannot hide in sheep's clothing without eventually revealing its true nature. Deception and deceit is a tricky path. Conjecture is often the lead, and must always be followed up and covered with more conjecture. One lie must always compound another, until eventually, the cage of self-deception and self-deceit forms into acts of desperation that lead to self-destruction. 

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