The great commonalities

The great commonalities
©2016 Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Commonalities are building bricks that strengthen the pursuit of love and happiness

Love is a beautiful thing. The answer isn’t always in what you want but what you have. Because most, from being in a disappointing relationship, tend to be a little withdrawn. Most times, is not because one wants to, but because it is from years of being on the defense. Programmed that way by default. So it is a little harder to adjust back to normal instincts. Trust often is a long and hard battle. Because the next time, we want to be sure. We don’t want to make the same mistake, again. Not when we understand that time matters, and time is precious. We can’t afford to lose any more. Too much is at stake. When coming out of a bad relationship, we must be on our toes. We must be real. And the most important goal, is harmony, balance, and a road to self preservation and happiness.
If love and happiness is what you seek, it is not out of reach. People have the tendency of mixing physical beauty up with real beauty. But if your main and only goal is to have someone that toots the fancy imagine in your head, you’re a long way off from what a realistic relationship entails. Stripped of all the bells and whistles, and the novelty long gone down the road, reality at some point is going to have to set it. It’s no longer a picnic, reality is going to have to take a seat at one time or another. You can run, but reality is not going to let you hide forever. At some point you’re going to have to puff up your chest, take a deep breath, and jump right in. Heart first.
A brave thing to do if you are sincere, if you are for real about taking a step forward and leaving everything else in the wind. That’s power and glory at its finest. - to defy the odds and stand against any and everything that would inspire you to take two steps back. One step forward is an exhale that makes it easier for the next step. One trying day after another, some days cried and tried, gives light to evolution of a struggling diamond in the rough, aspiring to shine like no other.  
We can’t be afraid of who we are. Because if you are true of heart and true of nature, the light that attracts the world to you, will shine. You don’t have to fake it. You don’t have to pretend. You just have to be you, with all the little magical things you do. Nice and kind people automatically have a glow. That kindred spirit that’s illuminating and real. That draws interest and eyes of curiosity.
When commonalities start hitting home runs, you’re well on your way of repairing the damage of a broken heart. Because being attractive to someone is not good enough. We are not kids anymore. We have to be sure. But the great thing about commonalities, they are assertive. When you find someone that makes you laugh uncontrollably, and no matter what you do, you can’t stop, that is something well worth pursuing. When you finds someone that thinks of you when apart, that is something to pursue. And if they can cook, God help your soul. When commonalities reach fifty/fifty most people by then, are stuck together like glue. They have some much in common. They love the same things, they watch the same shows, they love the same foods, and they simply admire and adore each other, long after the novelty has gone.  

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