Happy Be Thankful Day

Although it is Thanksgiving, a day not for all, because of religious beliefs, and what not. It still is a day for thankfulness. We are all blessed. We wake to a bright and fruitful day. We still have our health, our family, and our friends that make our life worthwhile. Each day is a new beginning. That, in itself, we all should be thankful for. Any misgivings that accrued yesterday, bear no fruit of tomorrow. We are the belief and the creators of our own destiny, given to us by God. Long as we hold true to our heart. Long as we wake each day with hope, fate, and strength, strive to be our best and always be kind, humble, courteous, and polite. Whatever problems you may have, they are small in comparison to those who struggle each day, each waking hour, and have nothing at all.

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