The gift of the giving

The gift of the giving
© Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Love is the cruelest pain we know, and the greatest.   

You ever love someone? But find in the end, they didn’t really love you. How would that affect you, and what would you do? Some have gone completely mad. It’s a devastating thing, to give your heart only to have it stepped on. It has broken the strongest. Yet, it has made the weak stronger. Where else from the bottom can you go? It is horrendous to believe that people can be so heartless and cold. But they are, and in life, it’s a very hard pill to swallow. We want to see the goodness in people, even when they do wrong. Especially if it’s family or someone we love. We want to give the benefit of the doubt. We want to believe in God and all the great miracles. We want to be selfless and empathetic, even when the alarms are going off. We still, somehow want to believe. We want to believe in something special, unscathed by the outside world, untouchable and real.   

A broken heart can lead to self-destruction, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem. It can make you hesitant and unsure. If can even drop you in a big pool of depression, hopelessness, and a gallon of ice cream. That is when you know the pain is real, hurting, and turning knots in the pit of your stomach. That is when the tears seem to never end, and can come at any moment. That is when you look in the mirror and can’t face yourself. That is where one journey ends and a new journey begins.

A broken heart can be mended. That is the good thing about a good person with a good heart. Tendencies of a good honest nature always override the bad. What someone does, does not reflect the nature of a good heart. It may bring on angry. It may bring on sadness. It may even bring on a cynical disposition. But of a good heart and a good nature, it will not stick. It would be impossible, unless one takes a cynical turn, close off their heart, and build walls of stone, afraid of their own heart because of the damage. To a degree, one cannot forget. Which is good. One should never forget. Hard facts of life come with a good lesson. How one choose to apply their response and actions in atoning and redemption, is the gift of the giving.

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