We are Americans regardless of who is in the White House
©2016 Anthony D Darden

     Well folks.... we have a new president. Donald J Trump. Democracy speaks, and we must wonder if we were not listening loud enough, or if we just assumed Hillary would win because she seemed the best choice. It would seem a very sad day for America. And I'm sure a lot sadder for Hillary because it ends the Clinton dynasty.
     What is ahead, we do not know. It is disheartening. It's a bitter pill to swallow. But as a nation, we are great. We are strong. We are the backbone of freedom, liberty, and justice for all. We must look at what has divided this nation for so long. People want change. People want fairness, jobs, and freedom. Maintaining isn’t any of those things. Getting by isn’t any of those things. Hoping isn’t any of those things. But believing in yourself, your family, and friends, are all those things.
     We are Americans regardless of who is in the White House. If there is any change, if there is any hope, it is up to us. Democracy is not the power of one man, or one person. It is the peoples voice. It is the peoples hopes. It is the peoples dream. It is everything we stand for. So, if you feel disappointed or let down, don’t be. Rise to the occasion. Stand as an American. Stand for freedom. Stand for liberty and justice for all. But most of all stand for your pride and dignity, the greatness of self. Stand for your family and friends. And even if you are disappointed in the election, stand for America.
     Greatness can only come through you and all those who believe in the greatness of America and what it stands for. Power is not in the White House, but in the people who conceive it. If we are to look for a greater future, we must look ahead without any doubt. We must stand no matter what for the greater good. We must stand for our future. We must stand for the future of our children. We must stand for the future of our family. We cannot turn away in sadness and disappoint. Because to do so, would be devastating. It would mean you are giving up. And that, in itself, is unamerican.   

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