When you love someone

When you love someone
© Fiction Writer Anthony Darden

Love may be the anchor, but devotion, communication,
honesty, and sincerity is its strength, power, and glory.

Understanding yourself, and coming to understand the one you love, is very important in building a relationship that is going to last and stand the test of time. There are so many deterrents in building a long lasting relationship, or for that fact, being in a relationship. Relationships are hard. They are trying. They are testy.  Though, if you are sincere and honest, a secure and wholesome relationship can bloom into the most beautiful thing in the world. When you love someone, and honest about it, they are your first priority, over everything and everyone. If you are sincere in building a long lasting relationship that is strong, can stand against adversity, and rise to the occasion when needed, then how you develop your relationship is very important to your strength and weaknesses. Only a fool would believe love maintains and blooms without preservation, structure, and control. Finding someone and falling for them is easy. It’s what comes after. Love may be the anchor, but devotion, communication, honesty, and sincerity is its strength, power, and glory.

When finding someone you love, you must be honest with yourself. You must weigh out all the values and how this person reflects in your life. Relationships are a state of coexistence. When you bring someone into your life, you not only have to think about what they mean to you and your family, but what that existence means in enhancing your life and contributing to your happiness, growth, and prosperity. If someone is self consuming, doesn’t contribute, and find they need to change you, to make you perfect, then they are not in love with you, but of a vision they believe they can inspire, that, in the end, is false hopes and unacceptability to who you really are. Someone that is in love with you, will find change on their own. If change is needed to advance forward, they will make the gallant effort to secure the strength and power of their love. They will do it out of respect, admiration, and real sincerity in loving you.

Communication is vital. It is the one thing that will determine if you succeed or fail. Communication is easy when going into a relationship. Your heart is open with joy, and everything is laid out on the table. It is when that communication goes astray, is time to start worrying. Something is amok. And if you don’t take control of it, you’ll find lack of communication will not only frustrate you, but will make you withdrawn, reserved, and uninspired. Communication is the stepping stones in building goals, understanding the changing tides, and knowing where each other stands at all times. Communication also builds security and at the same time, gives one the need to surrender their heart in acceptance to respect and affirmation.

Devotion is prosperity. If you are not devoted wholehearted to the one you love, it is time to get out while you are ahead. If you cannot be honest and sincere, or they with you, it is time to get out and move on. Don’t fool yourself with illogical reasoning. It never works out in the end. If you find lack of communication, on either side, then a rude awaking will be knocking at your door. Devotion demand one thing, all of you or nothing. That is it’s greatest and most profound strength. That is where power derives from. It is the sole generator that can turn two into one in reaching their goal of harmony and accepting each other in heart, mind, body, and soul.  

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