Hope on Christmas Day © 2016 Anthony D Darden

Hope on Christmas Day
© 2016 Anthony D Darden

To those who have nothing, and the gift of something as small as a hug.

What will you be doing Christmas day? I’d like to think the world will wake full of cheers and joy. I’d like to hope that on this day, blessing will pour and love will spread like wildfire and one big gracious happy smile will consume the world. I’d like to think it will bring families together, and those that have been torn apart by bitterness and misfortune, will embrace forgiveness and find some way to find their way back home and into the arms of love. I’d like to think deep down, all people are good inside and that they can overcome all their adversities, especially with family and those they claim to love. But as we know, the world doesn’t always have a forgiving heart. And most times, it is not someone in the street that hurts you, it’s within your own family and with those who claim to love you. It is sad, but it is true.

Though, I do believe there is always hope. Most likely, because it’s in my nature. No matter how I feel, or what I may sometimes believe, hope always rise to the top. So, on this Christmas, I inspire hope. I hope all will wake with a smile and a blessing. I hope if you have suffered any misfortunes or mistrust throughout the year, your year ends with praise. I hope any displeasure you may have in your heart, is distilled with forgiveness, to make your heart strong and pure. I hope the weak will rise to stand against adversity in the New Year and find peace of mind and prosperity. I hope tears will be washed away with rejoice and joy will ring in the New Year with inspiration, motivation, and innovation. I hope all that find misfortune on Christmas day, that have nothing to give, or cannot afford to put anything under the Christmas tree, find that one spark of Christmas magic in a kind heart and a helping hand. But most of all, I hope this message is carried to not only embrace the Christmas spirit, but the spirit of kindness, love, humbleness, grace, and thankfulness to be passed on down to the less fortunate, to those who have nothing, and the gift of something as small as a hug, will bless their day and give them hope and belief for the bettering of mankind and the start of a new and brighter future.

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