The Beacon of Happiness © 2016 Anthony D Darden

The Beacon of Happiness
© 2016 Anthony D Darden
Coming back from the depth of deception is a very hard thing.
It is painful. It hurts your soul.

There is a scary trend going on. The world is changing, and so is the philosophy, standard, and culture of devotion, love, and loyalty. In instances, contrived by selfishness, money and deception is the root. It is no longer about romance, caring, love, and devotion, but rather the highest credit score and what can you do for me. It is shameless, rude, and belligerent in a lot of cases. Family and friends are torn apart. Lives are being destroyed. Lovers deceived and ultimately thrown under the bus. And good honest people losing trust and becoming more cynical.

Homes were once sanctuaries, a place you went to for peace of a mind, safety, love, and support. There was always a helping hand, a open heart, and the warm comfort of support. There was respect, admiration, and wisdom. There was unconditional love, no matter the fault. Whatever trouble there was, it was to be ironed out with unwavering support from family and friends. If you knew anything, you always knew you were not alone, someone had your back.
It is a sad state of affairs when family and friends turn their back on you, especially if you’ve been nothing but good and has always been there to support and love them. It surely makes you think twice about surrendering your love and devotion to anyone after those you love turn their back or you. You have to think, if your own family would do something like that, then someone in the street, or you just met, has to be questionable. It’s hard not to. Coming back from the depth of deception is a very hard thing. It is painful. It hurts your soul. And it can desensitize you and leave you numb.

People are impatient. They don’t believing in building anymore. Everything is take take take, got to have right now, and so on. People live with the deception that money will bring happiness. It will not. Money only does one thing. Pay the fee. The purchase of temporary joy is not happiness. Happiness is a substance derived from inside. It is derived from the heart, you hopes, dreams, and aspiration. Money can help you reach your goals. But it cannot purchase your happiness. In all, if you are not happy, and believe physical wealth will get you there. You are chasing an unattainable dream.

Wealth is what you have in your heart. Wealth is what you share with your family and friends. Wealth is knowing the greatness of all that you have to give and receive in return. It is not monetary. It is desire, admiration, hope, will, faith, sacrifice, devotion, love, trust, honesty, strength, and belief. Not to anyone, but to the testament of who you are, want to be, and inspire in others praise and glory. It is a connection with life, of dreams and hopes. Of emotions that are real and true. Emotions that are built from the ground up, unbreakable, tested, and survived. They are the truth that stands the test of time, that offers kindness, humbleness, love, and respect. They are devoted with love, admiration, and loyalty. They are the home of the heart, brewing with smiles and cheers that move you each and every day. They are the source and beacon of your happiness. Even in trying times.  
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