Where the heart lies ©2017 Anthony D Darden

Where the heart lies
©2017 Anthony D Darden

Without the key elements of devotion, honesty, and trust, it is a sham. It generates and breeds nothing but deception.
The second day of the year 2017. I would imagine many goals and resolutions have been set. I imagine many goals and resolutions will fall to the wayside, as many always do. Though, many will rise to the occasion. For many it is pertinent. Time is a valuable thing. Often it is not realized until it is gone. Then it is too late. We can't turn back time no matter how hard we wish or try. It is impossible. It is also gracious and a blessing if we take advantage of the time we have. More important, of the love we have for those in our life. Life often gets in the way. Valuable time is lost. And sometimes there is regret. Regret is often part of life if one does not take heed and redefine strength, faith, and belief. Even if one regrets something, they do have the power to amend or change, if that regret has not set in. Time is a very precious thing. Life and love is a very precious thing. Combined, they define us. What we do, how we handle time, and what we make of it, defines the outcome of our life and how we deal with our relationships. In love, we want the best. We want to give the best of who we are and expect the same in return. If you are in love, and wish to remain in love, it is time to stand and redefine your beliefs and strength. Complications sometime disable regret to stand in the eye of redemption or fate. Especially if there is or has been no communication. Some believe if nothing is said, the problem will go away or just be swept under the rug. It will not. Communication is a must. Whether it is good or bad. It is integrity and honesty. It is the door that opens to the soul. It is enlightenment, endearment, and humbleness. It speaks for one's character and who they are. It provides strength, will, and ambition that is needed to grow and prosper emotionally throughout life. No one should demean their character to save grace for another, even if it hurts. If anything respect is earned. No one respects a coward. Plus it does not provide trust. Nor can you find redemption in cowardliness. It diminishes character. It depletes morality, and most often is followed by another cowardly act or act of deception. Love is hope and faith. If it is believed to be true in the heart, then it is a choice to be pursued righteously for whoever is involved. Love becomes complicated when other entities persuade or direct. The strength of a relationship is built on devotion, loyalty, and trust. It is an inner circle, the parallel of hearts, through good and bad, trying times, and even in misconception. This is where its power and strength derive from. Strength and power is earned and not a given. It is what makes it great. It is what makes it true and real. Without the key elements of devotion, honesty, and trust, it is a sham. It generates and breeds nothing but deception. In the end, it is not just a lie to avoid responsibility and accountability, it is a lie of self degradation. A fools act in reprise, that lead to self deception, and self destruction.

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