Falling in love by Anthony D Darden

© Anthony D Darden

Everyone is human. No one is perfect. It is a fact of life. We all stumble and fall.

Falling in love is easy. The joy is staggering. It is irreproachable, thoughtless, defiant, inspirational, and often, unpredictable. Giving our heart is the easy part of love. It is often given senselessly, without thought or reason. There is often no tomorrow when the day is full of joy and promise, when caught up in moments that seem forever.
Love is a great foundation. Especially when it is nurtured to build a life of sensuality and pure joy. Novelty brings interest and curiosity. It is our magnetism, the lure of our acceptance, lust, and desires. It is also our foolishness, our heart with no reason and motivated purely by yearning. The foundation of love can only grow when nurtured. Staying connected after the novelty takes good affection, compassion, and communication. Coming to know each other is vital. Sharing each other’s views, how you each see life. Your beliefs and understanding. Your wants, dreams, and goals. Attraction may be the catch, but finding the depth of another human being is a real task. Along the way may be some bumps in the road. And you may even find there are things you dislike about each other. Though, if it is love, if it is true, and the will to stand for each other is real and vibrant, honesty, trust, and belief will no doubt prevail. If you continue to stand in the positive light of what you feel, want, and most of all, desire.
Developing a lifelong affair with positive attention is a hard thing to come by today, with so many distractions, people pulling on you and whispering in your ear. It is not only hard to stay true to yourself, but especially your partner. If your core value is not about each other first, and foremost, above all and everything, then you are doomed from the start. Love is a fickle thing. Even if you love someone, if their attention is drawn elsewhere, then your drive is fruitless. An unproductive relationship will find fault. The core of salvation is the strength of both partners remaining productive in the relationship. It must be fed. It must be nourished. It must be given the breath of your everyday life, where the sun rise and where the moon sets. To achieve greatness, you must be great. Nothing great comes without hard work and sacrifice.
When people fall for each other they experience a hormonal effect. They are immediately enamored. Their heart throbs. They are excited, and can’t seem to get enough of each other. Especially if the sex is great. It is mind-blowing. When the chemistry is there, there is no denying it. It takes president above any and everything. When the pheromones kick in, all reason is thrown to the wind. We most often can’t help the way we feel. And unless we take control and gain an understanding to those feelings, we are flying blind without any leads or recourse.
Without a lead or recourse, without any purpose or gain, the novelty and great sex will burn out. This that once intrigued you to no end will have lost its charm and faith. Without an understanding, knowing the depth of each other, and the core values of positive reinforcement to push above and beyond, and secure growth and longevity, unproductive love will fall by the wayside.
A constant is needed to find and established serenity, hope, and inspiration. To feel the fire, we must keep the fire burning with respect and admiration. Respect and admiration is earned. It is not a given. It is incorporated with coming to know and learning your partner. Respecting and admiring your partner is eminent to the development and longevity in a sought after lifelong love affair. It is impossible to love someone you do not respect and admire. Even, if at first, they seemed to be your world.
The ability to know and understand your partner takes great care and consideration. Being physical with someone is just an intimate act of passion. It’s an innate desire. A basic human need. The level of intimacy is not deep. It’s pure physicality. It is driven by derivatives in most cases, where one partner falls into the arms of another, and then realize they have made a mistake. Though a mistake of such magnitude is often unforgiving, sometimes that is what it takes to see the true value and depth of what you have and what is truly in your heart.
Everyone is human. No one is perfect. It is a fact of life. We all stumble and fall. We all, at one time or another will find heartache and pain. But the greatest thing with love, it is vigilant and strong. It is powerful and can move mountains. It is the greatest substance and value we have in our heart. And if we stay strong and believe in what we have to offer and share with another, love will open the door and share its heart with us. For without belief, there is no hope. Without hope, there is no drive. Without drive, there is no motivation. Without motivation, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no self to give to another. Without self, we are defined by whim and at the mercy of others to make us happy. And if that is the case. It is sad. For to be in love and to maintain it at its highest level, we must first truly love our self to share and aspire with another.

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