I Saw a Beautiful Woman Today

I saw a beautiful woman today. Of course, she didn’t know how beautiful she was. I could see it. But she couldn’t. I even open the door for her. I felt for her. Behind her beauty held sad eyes. Eyes with a lot of lost, tears, heartache, and pain. The shell was beautiful. But you could see the pain. It lined the cracks in her windburned face that looked worried, weary, and unsure. She could not look at me. Her eyes diverted to the ground when I open the door for her. She swiftly slipped by, as if afraid. As if I was going to reach out and grab her. I only smiled, nodded like a gentleman, and went on about my way. Of course, she didn’t see the nod. She was too busy lost in the turmoil that was being tossed around in her mind. You could see it. You could feel it. Her discomfort and the unsureness in her moves as she quickly made her exit and walked awkwardly away.

Written by Anthony D Darden
© 2017
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