LITTLE WHITE LIES by Anthony D Darden

© 2017 Anthony D Darden

Whatever reason, meaning, or purpose of the lie,
if it is not to save a life or a tormented soul,
then be forewarned of the deception.

What is life worth to you? And how do you approach it? The beginning of all things begins with love. How we approach and handle it is totally up to us. Though, when it comes to handling life and love, we are not always equipped. Especially when it comes to someone we are truly in love with. It can be challenging. It can be demanding. It can be deceptive and emotional draining. Although it is believed honesty is the best policy, when emotions are entangled, decisions we make are often based on the moment, the circumstance, and the need to find peace then and there. Even if we must lie to spare emotions and save grace.
Good would be befitting of the moment. We have handled the situation. We have saved face. And as it goes, a small little white lie is better than a big bad truth. So, it would seem. But the problem with a little white lie to save grace, can boomerang later and hurt a lot worse than the truth you should have believed in. Multiple little white lies become a multitude of problems down the road. Because the moment one little white lie is exposed, it leads the questions of how many lies have you told. In pain, no one wants to hear your excuse of saving grace or sparing feelings. Because that seems like a cop out. It implies you did not have faith or belief. That you believed they could not handle the truth. That somehow they are not fully invested and not worthy of the truth.
In turn, those facts alone will set doubt and distrust. Everything you have said and done with be under scrutiny. And the chances of being caught again in a little white lie will manifest from the complicit reaction of your nature. Not because you want it to. Not because you are putting your best foot forward to right your wrongs. But because your programmed nature, of unconscious thoughts, will render the truth and totality, of your own self-deception.
Unless you are totally honest with the people in your life and those you claim to love and respect, at some point judgement will stand before you and the truth will come out. Whatever reason, meaning, or purpose of the lie, if it is not to save a life or a tormented soul, then be forewarned of the deception. Because trivia little white lies can have a snowball effect. They may start out small. They may even save grace and spare momentary tears. They may even get you through the day and make it sunny and bright. But if, and when, the storm hits, God help your soul. Because it is a lot harder to see and believe in the truth once you have set doubt and disbelief in someone’s heart. It doesn’t matter if you are one hundred percent truthful afterward. The stage has been set. It’s going to take a long time to work your way back into the arms of honesty, trust, and belief. If you can. And even if you do, there is always going to be that lingering of doubt, that watchful eye that’s going to always be there and ready to turn and run at a moment’s notice.

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