The true meaning of love

The True Meaning of Love
© 2017 Anthony D Darden
The world is going to hell in a handbasket,
yet people are running selfishly away from family and friends,
believing money is the answer to all their problems.
There is a greatness in all of us. That is the ability to be admired and loved. It’s the ability to understand, accept, and define our greatest strength and weaknesses. Our greatest desire is to find our soulmate. Someone that loves us unconditionally. Someone we can admire, be proud of. Someone who inspires us to be productive and ambitious.  In today’s world, soul mates are hard to find. Even when we feel a connection with someone, it is not always reciprocated. People have grown selfish and unaccountable. They want unconditional love without giving substance and putting in the footwork. They believe it is automatic or they are entitled. They do not want to earn their value or worth. They lack respect, devotion, faith, and trust. They come in with one foot out the door, and ready to run at the slightest inkling of trouble.
More and more people are looking for the easy way out. Moral culture of today is different from the moral culture of the landline and payphone age. When cultivation was restricted to the home, the inner circle of family and close friends. When everything you learned was the cultivation of family generations passing the torch. There were no personal cell phones. There was no social media. It was the strength, backbone, and culture of family and friends. It was when music was real and not produced by beats and autotune. When you had to know how to play an instrument and know how to sing. It was a time when friends were real, and not a social media status. It was when people looked out for each other, stood for each other, and was willing to die for the strength and integrity of each other. It was when people got together for what they felt in their heart and was willing to put the footwork in to solidify it. It was when you went to your parents and grandparents for wisdom and advice. It was when things were real and honest. When love was a look deep into the eyes and depth of forever. When there was never a doubt or question. When love meant something, and was tangible in every breath you took.   
Love is hard felt today. The moral compass is set in a credit score, what material assets you can bring to the table, or your net worth. It’s no longer about the heart. It’s no longer about the purity of what you must offer in building a relationship. Attraction and lust still play their role. But once the curtains are pulled back, if you don’t meet the checklist, you’re nothing but the latest booty call, regardless if they feel for you or not.  
Today love is weak and powerless. The strength of togetherness has been ambushed and brainwashed. Men and women are at war with each other. Families are disengaged. Homes have been infiltrated and dictated by media deception promising wealth and glory to our children who has become disobedient, disconnected, and defiant. Children that are under peer pressure, find the pressure too much, and are ending their lives in record numbers because they believe they have no one to turn to. The world is in turmoil, lack faith, and running on moral apprehension. Parents are too busy to parent. Having to work two and three jobs to keep up with the high demand of their children’s needs, keep a roof over their head, and meet economical standards that have been set by the media and rising prices. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, yet people are running selfishly away from family and friends, believing money is the answer to all their problems.
For sure we have learned that money can’t buy you love. To understand life, we must embrace it and live it. We must understand the value and strength of what we must offer in a relationship. We must understand the core of our being, our morality, and beliefs. We must understand the value and strength of our family and friends. We must build core value from the ground up. Not only to understand the path taken, but to appreciate the integrity of our struggle and the defining of our strength.
A strong man makes a strong woman, and vice versa. When two can take the substance and value of each other’s heart and dreams, and build on them, they become powerful and unbreakable. They know the road. They know the path. They know every brick placed in building their house of love. For their love, has been built one brick at a time. They know their value and worth to each other. They have walked it hand in hand, through every trial and tribulation. They have been honest and trusting. They have been real and true. They have built their strength and obtained their power from the ground up. A prosperous and moral code they can pass on with pride and dignity to their children, family, and friends.
Although life is not easy, and often challenging, it only takes one spark to start a fire. Whether you choose to heed from it, is up to you. That spark is a rare commodity. If it comes around, take hold of it and consider it a blessing, because it may never come around again. To love someone truly and deeply, is not only of the heart, but in actions, fate, and never-ending belief. It is not only the garnishing of emotions, but of selflessness that is rewarded with honor and unquestionable power. It is acceptance. It is surrender. It is reasoning and sometimes compromising. It is the strength of two hearts giving their all to define and compliment the accomplishment of their dreams. It is not the strength of one person, but the strength of two. For without one, there would not be the other. There would not be a bond, the strength, the power, or glory. There would not be the totality of unconditional love. It would only be mere feelings of attraction and lust, without the value, and prosperity of unending love.

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