Just you & I

Just you & I
© 2017 Anthony D Darden
An uncut relationship, like an uncut diamond, needs to be shaped and refined. It takes time, patience, trust, honesty, and determination to reach an elite state.
Waking with a smile is a beautiful thing. Especially if you have someone lying next to you that you love, admire, and want to be with forever. Just you and I ring synonymous with togetherness, do or die, and forevermore. It is one of our deepest ambitions. The thought that someone is out there for us is aspiring. It is titillating. It is human nature, a deep, natural affinity of intimacy, love, sexuality, and spirituality. A soulmate renders kindness and induces a deep, honest, sexual connection. A soulmate not only reflects our deepest desires, but carry an innate instinct to protect, care, and see the best of us. Even at their own expense. What emanates from a soul mate is a parallel validation. The attraction and impact are sudden, staggering, and breathtaking. It is not something planned, or even something you are looking for. It’s the nature of chemistry, when you meet someone, automatically click, and can’t seem to pull yourself away. You find yourself thinking about them day in and day out. It often becomes an obsession and a dying need. It renders you helpless to fight off the attraction, curiosity, and yearning to know more. Love at first sight would be more appropriate. Something most people don’t believe in until it hits them hard and out of nowhere. Something most people would give their life to feel and surrender to.
Soulmates aren’t always instant. Sometimes it takes time to see what has been in front of you the whole time. That is because you were not emotionally equip. Which is the state of most people today. A morality of material substance has saturated the view. People are choosing wealth over love. They are lacking in integrity, trust, patience, and the desire to build their own value, security, and spiritual wealth that is more valuable than diamonds and gold.
Love is a beautiful thing. It takes us to greater and newer heights. It is the one true thing that cannot be brought. It is a power untold, revitalizing, and pure in its essence. To find someone akin, that share your hopes, desires, and dreams, only comes along once or twice in a lifetime. It is rare. Though, it is a raw diamond in the rough. Because even if you meet someone who is true to the nature of your heart’s desires, you must be equipped with enough sensibility to pick up and carry the torch forward. You must understand the significance and value that has been bestowed upon you. You must be of clear mind and clear consciousness. You must believe in yourself and what you must contribute in the growth and strength of your emotions wholeheartedly, and your desires in supplementing your partners.
An exclusive, loving and caring, relationship is a two-way street. An uncut relationship, like an uncut diamond, needs to be shaped and refined. It takes time, patience, trust, honesty, and determination to reach an elite state. Love may be the lead and inspiration, but the path and choices made will define the power and strength of your love. The key elements of growth and longevity are respect, honesty, trust, belief, faith, loyalty, and conviction to each other wholeheartedly, without any doubt. Although sometimes, it may be challenging, it is making it through the storm that defines strength, power, and greatness. It brings you closer. It builds more trust and believe. And that, that you have not surrendered because of apprehension, or an air of caution, will find no doubt.
People truly in love stand for each other. They want each other. They desire each other. They admire each other. They are true to each other against any and everything. They will literally die for each other. To have someone that valuable in your life, for you, and knowing without a doubt, it is true, is mindblowing and astounding. It is worth the fight. It is worth surrendering to the doubt, apprehension, or air of caution. Because there is no other greater power on earth. There is no greater feeling on earth. To wake each morning in the arms of someone you truly love, and inspire throughout the day, only makes it just that much stronger. It is a blessing. It is a hope and dream to all romantic hearts. It is inspiring to put our best foot forward. To stand strong and confident. To be real and honest with our self, that God will send us an angel. Someone to love, trust, and admire. Someone that touches our heart and makes us feel like no other. Someone we love, and know, without a doubt, our love is returned in kind. Someone we can grow with and build a kingdom with here on earth. But most of all, without a doubt, someone we are willing to die for, knowing the emotional depth, and serenity, is in turn.     

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