Less Sex, Less Security, Less You by Anthony D Darden

Less Sex, Less Security, Less You
© 2017 Anthony D Darden

After one month of bliss, more and more people are having less sex in their relationship.
People are more in their head than in their emotions. With the burden of the world on their shoulders, atlas is shrugging. Priorities have shifted. Peer pressure is on. The need to keep up with the Kardashians has become a defining aspect of illogical reasoning, and lack in moral contribution and attributes. More and more people has become subjective. The strong have become weak, subsiding their physical and mental prosperity for brands, labels, and fantasies of fast wealth that flash, day in and day out, before their very eyes, through soul sucking networks that are hooked into billions of accounts, and draining them penniless of liberty, morality, life, and love.
The greatness of unity has been broken. Family no longer means strength, honesty, loyalty, love, and togetherness. Couples struggle each day to identify each other. It would seem, at a glance, everything is alright. But Jack is worried about being short on next month’s payments, even though Little Bo Peep looks like a million bucks in that new designer dress, new diamonds and gold chain, and two hundred dollar pumps to boot. Plus, there was something else bothering him. Jill! Deep down he was starting to feel it. He even said it in his mind. Jack and Jill. It makes more sense.
Very rarely do we see real, genuine people these days. Genuine people are caring and kind. The kind that calls you out of the blue, just to say hello, and see how you are doing. The kind that invites you in, and always has a plate at the dinner table for you. The kind that makes you smile, always has nice, soothing, warm, and funny words of comfort and security. The kind that gives you advice, and not their opinion. The kind that are with you through thick and thin, just a phone call away. You can’t get any more genuine.
Couples are not interactive these days. They are together. They wake up to the buzz of the coffee machine. Depending on if they have one or two bathrooms, who is going to hit the shower first. Then it’s a peck on the cheek, and sometimes a muffin out the door with that coffee to go to start those twelve and sixteen hour days. Not much room for sex after the day pounds you into the ground. Sex is not like it used to be. Anytime of the day and night. Always kissing and necking like two school kids. Always ready for a dare, and spare of the moment. Sex was plentiful, relentless, and filled with making memories. Then it got caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, reality knocked at the door, and the producer said, it’s a wrap.
After one month of bliss, more and more people are having less sex in their relationship. Once the fire is extinguished, and the novelty has lost its appeal, people find it hard to relate and connect. A house built without a foundation is hard to sustain. Good looks, a banging body, and smoking in bed, may spin your head for a while and have you dreaming up all kinds of fantasies of an everlasting life. But without due diligence, a fantasy is just a fantasy. A fantasy holds nothing to the substance of reality. A fantasy can be bought and paid for. Reality cannot. Once the novelty is gone, if there is nothing of substance, if the minds have not met, and the only thing holding you together is good looks, a hot body, and a few tricks up your sleeve, it’s just a matter of time before your world comes crashing down.
Forgoing ethical and moral intimacy, more relationships lack core value. They trend in low self-esteem and insecurity. Instead of seeking self-worth and building confidence from the ground up, to assure faith, understanding, and depth, they thrive to build an imagine of material wealth to rectify and justify their existence, purpose, and meaning. Twelve and sixteen hour days justify the purpose for absentee and lack of participation. Where love is supposed to be the reason, meaning, and purpose, it falls to the wayside and eventually gets lost in transition. Days start out, one day at a time. Before you know it, time has passed, and that little string that’s holding things together, has broken.
There is no magical pill or theory to define one state of love. Love is many things. But the things to sustain love, and give it the gift of wings to soar and defy all odds, is the gift of self, and what is of you that defines and inspire the growth and strength of all your relationships. A person in love wakes with a smile. They have the gift of hope, faith, belief, and optimism at their side. They have the purest intentions, unshaded by doubt or fear. Most beginnings are dreamy. Everything, perfect. Love is blooming, and the air is fresh and clean. Joyful days, reach out and beyond one’s imagination, giving light to soul’s fire. A beautiful day and start, deserving something special and real. Deserving your smile, your laughter, and the beat of your joyful heart. Love is deserving of every moment and second of your happiness. It deserves the best of you, that you aspire as well as inspire.     
If you want love, if love has knocked at your door with a great big smile, dreamy eyes, kissable lips, and soothing arms of comfort and serenity, seize the day.  True love is extraordinary. It is the one thing most dream of and aspire to be. The secret to finding love is not to seek your happiness in someone else, but to be happy and evolve in that happiness, that you find someone just as complementing, eager, humble, and loving as you. Someone that shares mutual desires and dreams, that is considerate and kind. Someone that is fascinated by you, admiring, and willing to give their heart and soul. Someone just like you, a mere reflection that opens the door and releases all your inner ambitions. Someone you desire to hold in your arms every moment of the day. Someone you can look deep in the eyes, say I love you, and feel it all the way down to your toes, even, in trying times.

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