Rock of Gibraltar by Anthony D Darden

Rock of Gibraltar
© 2017 Anthony D Darden
The moment you are born and the influence of your parents have a tremendous effect on how you view life.  It determines your outlook and how you relate.
What is it that makes you, you? Your reason, purpose, and meaning. In this tangled web of life, we are defined by many things. Though, regardless of how we are defined, our greatest asset is our heart. It is the one true nature of our being that we can neither evade or hide from. Unless, of course, you are heartless. Or would seem so. The heart takes on many characteristics. But most can agree, if you are kind, compassionate, loving, humble, and sympathetic, you have a better chance at waving through life’s predicaments and building productive and secure relationships as well as having a productive and fulfilling life.   
We all like to think we are an island. We like to believe we are strong, and can handle anything that comes our way. Especially when we have life by the balls and everything is going our way. Sometimes those innate characters’ seep in, and moral fortitude can get caught up in egotism. And if we do not have enough sensibility to understand when we are being unreasonable, at some point in time, if not corrected or amends made, karma will be the price.  
A conscious being is a strong being. It begins with a strong and solid foundation. Building character and strength, and defining the core values of your being, is no easy task. Because everything starts from home. The moment you are born and the influence of your parents have a tremendous effect on how you view life.  It determines your outlook and how you relate. If you grow up in a home that’s always in plight, that baggage will carry over. If you grow up in a home of love, respect, and support, that baggage will carry over. It is a parent’s job to protect and raise their child to be respectful, honest, caring, humble, and supportive. The basic elements of life’s essentials. Prepare them for a cruel world that they have enough confidence to aspire, be productive, and ascend to leave a positive mark, not only to make their parents proud, but a legacy for their family to come.
Parents should lead by example. They are the arch, the foundation and meaning. They are to be looked up to. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Their job is to instill in their child, faith and believe. They are the backbone and the strength. They are to teach them right from wrong. They are to teach them love and respect of all humanity. They are to instill in them courage, strength, and confidence, that they will flourish and find a path of enlightenment, and know someone is always there if they falter. It is not an easy job, especially when you must put your foot down. Parenting is not a friendship. It is a meaning and purpose. It is a reason and logical process that must be upheld even in defiance, which is sure to come. The main thing is to stay the course. Saying no today, means a greater yes down the road. It protects them when they are not emotionally or mentally equipped to see and understand now. It lays the foundation for their strength and morality that will pay off later down the road. It comes at a price to building greater respect and unconditional love. A foundation needed to forge a respectable and loving human being who doesn’t take life for granted and have earned the wealth of their life.  
A child that grows to understand the complexities of parenting and the sacrifices made, will love and respect you more for giving them strength, confidence, and unyielding support. Especially when they become parents and know they are the sole responder for another human being. Because without, they are left to struggle and have no basic foundation of finding their way. Not to say they will not find their way. It will be much harder. Resentment toward their parent can build in frustration. It also distills lack of respect and trust. For the simple fact, once they are parents and have their own family, the last person they are going to turn to for wisdom and strength, is the parent who has offered them no foundation of survival.  
If you let you child walk all over you and the people in their life, they are going to carry it with them wherever they go. Respect and love is not a turn on and off button. It starts at home. It starts with family and friends. If not, they are in danger of becoming self-loathing narcissist who think and feel they are entitled. They will lack in empathy, honesty, and confidence. They can even spiral into depression and become vulnerable to anyone lavishing them with attention. A child that is not given hope, faith, and a basic moral foundation to stand on, when they must step up and face the real world, will blame the parent for their faults. It’s basic human nature. They most often drown in their own pity. The friendship that prevailed over parenting, will falter in the end. Because children need someone who they can look up to without impunity. They need to know they have someone unconditionally. They need to know they have someone that they can trust, turn to, and always believe in. Someone that can give it to them on the real, whether they like it or not. Someone that is beyond reproach or question. Someone that have laid the foundation and giving them an enlightening path to follow. Someone they always have, to fall back on. Someone that is true and real, and holds the utmost respect, that is not only a leader, but an example of growth, wisdom, and prosperity. Someone that is a true Rock of Gibraltar.

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