Father’s Day is over, Atlantic Starr - Always (official music video)

Father’s Day is over. I hope for those who shared the love, aspire to understand family is everything. Even those that may not have been present, my heart goes out to you. For some, Father’s Day is a big downer. Especially to those single mom’s that carry the world on your shoulders. There has been a lot of hating posted. Some deserving. Some not. Regardless of how you feel about ex, there is still the need of the child. Plus, there is still the need of your mending heart. Sometimes it takes a long time to get over someone you have given 100%. The betrayal can shake you to the core. But there is one thing that will always hold true. The depth and belief of your heart. To find love, we must surrender to love. We must let go of the past to step into the future. If you hold on to the pain, it will become transferable. You’ll most likely try to eliminate the pain by running prematurely into the arms of another. Which, most often, backfires. Your heart can’t be in two places at one time. And if this is the case, what is hid in the dark, always come to light. You will falter, and continue to falter, as long as you carry that nag around that you can’t seem to let go. Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it is real and right. It is the gift of your heart, and what you have to offer. Don’t let anger and resentment tarnish it. Don’t embroil yourself in something that is beyond your control. 100% of your heart, is 100%, no matter how many ways you slice the pie. Hold true to your nature and feelings. Hold true to what you believe in your heart, and let no one take it away. Maintain your power and control. Shine like the beacon you are, standing on the shore of the storm. Someone will see the light, and come running with open arms to respect and treat you like the queen you are. Always.


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