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65% of students report bullying. This does not include adults, who are skeptical about reporting because of the impact in may have on their life. Bullying is commonly associated with kids and teens. Bullying contributes to feeling socially unwanted, isolated, worthless, and depressed. Although the number is high, in the consistent 65% range, some children do not come forward. They are too embarrassed and dread being labeled a snitch. If not put in check, bullying can affect into adulthood, and cause anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, and desolation. The affects can be tragic and heartbreaking. The suicide range is about 4,500 deaths per year, and climbing. This does not include the suicide attempts.

Bullying has become an epidemic. Not only affecting children and teens, but is touching the lives of adults more and more each year. The numbers are staggering and growing. It contributes to 30% of high school dropouts, and 20% of college dropouts. 50% of drug addiction. And drops one into a deep dark state of depressive loneliness.

Signs of bullying are aggressive behavior, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Cyberbullying is leading the way amongst teens. It is important today to keep track of your child’s internet access, especially if his or her mood changes or they start to withdraw emotionally. Watch your child, look for the signs, and stay vigilant. Even in friends and family members. Even in yourself, when you believe it is nothing serious and just a jest. For some it is easier to play around in the in-crowd, where you can find relief, comfort, and security, at someone else’s expense. Although you may not be the initiator, laughing with the crowd, goating, and turning a deaf ear, hurts and hinders.

If you want to be Someone in the in-crowd, be a hero. Be Someone. Be a supporter against bullying. Be a proud and true friend. Be a proud vigilant parent. Be the best brother and the greatest sister. Be yourself and inspire. Inspire in a world that needs inspiration and comfort, that needs hope and grace. A world that needs Someone to look up to. A Real Hero. Someone that is not afraid to stand up to a growing epidemic. Someone that is not afraid to raise their hand, for the defenseless, and say, STOP THE BULLYING

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