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© 2017 Anthony D Darden

Devotion is the pinnacle of power

Love is a beautiful thing for those who believe in the heart and soul of friendship, honesty, faith, and belief. But most of all, the nature and ability to comprehend your value and worth. The above elements are keys to a successful relationship. When meeting someone, friendship is the first key, the first steppingstone to enlightenment. The second, is honesty. One must be honest in pursuit, but in worth and belief of their own value. Faith is the thing we carry in our heart. It is the anchor, our belief and motivation. With these elements in place, and the natural pursuit of a thriving, lustful, and attractive relationship, you can put a logical foundation on your feelings once the novelty has reached its peak and reality comes rearing its ugly face.

We all, at one point, must face the truth, regardless of how we feel. Logic must be the reasoning. Honesty must be its anchor to sustain and move forward. When starting a new relationship, you must always put your best foot forward. You must always be real and honest. Starting without the reinforcement of trust and honesty only leads to misconception. It is also considered the end of the beginning. If you cannot be honest in a relationship, you certainly are not honest with who you are and the true value of your self-worth. It is deceptive and misleading. It is devaluing and will eventually fall short of grace.

To assert value, faith, and belief, you must come in with the value of winning. You must believe in yourself. You must believe in what your partner offers. You must believe in the growth, value, and sanctuary of what you are pursuing. You must believe the two of you can and will make it happen come hell or high water. It must be what you truly want and desire.  

Decisions must be made with honest and true intentions to sustain the growth and purity of the relationship. When one goes left, the other must go left. When one goes right, the other must go right. When one cries, the other cries. When one falls, the other is there to pick them up. When one desires, the other feeds the need with joy, admiration, and honor.

Devotion is the pinnacle of power. If a hopeful and thriving relationship is to aspire, devotion to each other, no matter what, must be the forefront. If not, you are just spinning the wheels and wasting valuable time. It not only demeans you, it saturates your pride and dignity with low self-esteem. It makes you question your own value and worth. It makes you feel valueless and afraid to stand for your own self-worth.

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