by Fiction Writer Anthony Darden 

Power moves the world in the single entity of union. No one is an island. Beyond one's natural physical and mental capability, we can only control the means of our own actions. Anything beyond physical and mental capability, cannot be control, no matter how hard we push. The biology of union is togetherness, the power of two or more acting in union, the very strength of power. Without union, there can be no togetherness, and power, is extinguished.
This is the chain that has been broken between family and friends. The cracks in the family vault that was once airtight, disavows morality, fate, loyalty, and salvation. Media dictatorship of vanity ushers emotions into the age of credit. Credit, when not used to your advantage, is the chains that bind. Subsidizing hard honest workers with delusions of grandeur and chaining them to the madding grind of the chain gang that’s up before the break of dawn. Where physical slavery ends, mental slavery begins.  
Instead of building a kingdom on earth, mental slaves stand to make Gucci, Prada, and other designs and brands wealthier from the sweat off their back. Especially in the age of our children who was born with a phone attached to their hip. Investments into their state of mind and future endeavors has already been made and cashed in. They were the beginning, the lost children of The X Generation, born of no family homage, and left to fend for affection and love in the streets. Raised by nannies, because parents were too busy working on the chain gang. They are the voice of the Kurt Cobain, the NWA, and the likes of Slim Shady. They are the conception of the teen mom who scrutinized love in all the wrong places, because she knows no better.  They are the tales of the pimps and thugs, devoid and evasive of moral codes, because at home they never received moral grounding of family heritage and values. They are the tales of porn stars, who find out too late in life, they were nothing but high paid hookers, and cast away any hope of a normal future, and a sigma for their children. And the rage of the young fathers who screams at their young wives daily, and then runs out on their children, because they know no other way out.
The roots of deception has been planted. With media flashing like a strobe light, to lure and saturate young minds, daily, it’s getting harder and harder to make an honest human connection. Destruction has already set in. The devil that sits behind door number 13, doctor’s deceit with a welcoming smile. Hard work is exchanged for likes, and peer esteem, wrapped in overpriced clothing, mansions, and million dollars cars. The boost of entitlement, vain and rendering of no essential value. Flickering lights to draw and entice, to lure and absorb the conscious. To subjectify personal dreams and self-worth. The rode of thunder, that once was the freedom and right to raise your child in family heritage and values, has been extinguished. The goal of the rich and powerful, is not a world of thinking human beings,  but that of a world of codependents to do their binding.   

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